New Flat-pack shelter housing solution

The World’s Most Versatile Foldable Building solutions

Karmod produces the most durable, adaptable, immediate building solution for different purposes, anywhere in the world. It’s can be easily transported to any place in the world by sea, land or air transportation means.
Karmod’s products can be assembled quickly by its expert teams, as soon as they arrive to requested location.

Modular fiberglass building and Enclosures

Customizable fiberglass cabins can be quickly built, expanded and rebuilt to fit your changing storage needs.
Small and large equipment, building materials or product inventory can be kept out of damaging weather and out of sight with our modular fiberglass cabins.
Innovative modular design allows you to use our cabins for any intended purpose such as security cabins, sales cabins, food selling kiosks, police control points, newspaper and magazine kiosks…etc. Get just what you need now in any size, plan and design you require.

Foldable modular Cabins – Wall and roof construction

Double skin Fiberglass ( G.R.P ) with injected layer of high density polyurethane foam in between. Insulation U-value approximately 1.2 W/m2 degrees C. Average sound reduction of 15-25 in the 100-5000 CPS range, where fitted. modular cabin ( Kiosk ) shell can also be manufactured using Class 2 fire retardant resins and flame retardant insulation.

Fiberglass Storage Benefits:
Structural design flexibility
Expandable, lightweight components
Minimal maintenance
Interior/exterior customization options
Extremely durable design
Easily relocated to meet changing needs

Applications include:

Instant command centers
First responder camps
Emergency shelters
Living quarters
Kitchen and dining rooms
Refrigerated buildings
Emergency field clinics


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