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Karmod is a leader in manufacturing container living areas, combining experience and knowledge with production technology to offer the world buildings that make life easier. Our modular living products are spread in Sweden, Kazakhstan, Libya, Senegal, Venezuela, and New Zealand and are safely used in about 105 countries around the world.

Containers manufactured by Karmod have designs and plans that can be used in many areas like offices, houses and especially as worker camp solutions including modular worker camps. There are many solutions that Karmod containers are offering such as: management building, municipalities and other public institutions and service buildings, educational buildings, hospital buildings, family health center buildings, dining hall and dormitory buildings, social facilities, sales and marketing offices, gsm cabins, sports facilities and clubs buildings, kindergartens, military facilities structures, laboratory and imaging center units, wc and shower units, research center, police and gendarme centers buildings.

With our standard engineered container model and jointed and demountable containers plans we produce multi storey buildings. Our demountable containers can be transported by land, sea, rail and air transport to every point in the world being produced to international standards with the advantage of economical shipping. Assembly operations for demountable and jointed containers is performed by our professional teams and products are delivered as ready to use.

What are containers?

Mobile office container units are a great way to add safe, comfortable and cost-effective office and canteen container spaces to your business. Mobile office container units are an ideal solution for construction sites, farms, schools, sports clubs, car dealerships and many other businesses. Our mobile container offices and canteens are manufactured from new multi-storey modular containers. While these mobile container offices are strong, insulated, robust and secure, they are easy to move with the right equipment. Not only that, but the basic preparation requirement is minimal.

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All size containers available

Office and living containers can be used in all industries with the container providing a suitable interior space that can be customized according to its application. Modular containers are always growing to be safe and aesthetic built for offices, various applications, construction sites. However, many affordable housing developments have made much further progress with high-end modifications for classroom spaces and sales offices for training. In addition, the 'office container' is even used for trade shows and exhibitions for prominent trade stands. The office space can be a modern luxury space and simple structure that also has the security of a container.

Mobile container offices provide the perfect on-site solution for accommodation or portable workspace. Our expert manufacturing team can manufacture and deliver fully insulated, modular container units wherever you need them. A container office or social container, an office space or sleep camps is a more cost-effective and flexible solution than paying for an expensive stay in a hotel. Fully equipped modular container offices with electricity and modern equipment in both single and multi-storey modular container blocks provide an efficient and unique workspace to support any new or existing business.

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Karmod has long been the world market leader in the production and sale of container offices and canteens, and we manufacture bespoke containers from our specialized workshops for both trade and customers. Although portable container offices certainly always show good value for money compared to traditional buildings and have the advantage of being portable, production costs can be very high for projects with a more limited budget. We launched Karmod steel portable container offices to the market in 1986 to reduce costs and lower the selling price. Karmod maintains all the advantages of a standard portable container office in terms of durability, portability and security, but at a very discounted price. it offers unbeatable value. The concept also provides flexibility in design in terms of positioning vandal-proof doors and windows, exterior color and interior finish options, and gives you the opportunity to create your own bespoke container office at Karmod's low price range. template. Why not start exploring the prices and features of some of the standard lengths in the range?


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