Portable security guard booths, Portable ticket booth and Kiosks

Portable security guard booths, Portable ticket booth and Kiosks

Portable Security Booth For Sale

Karmod specializes in the manufacturing of guard booths and guard shack. Karmod guard booths are portable, affordable, customizable and secure. We have been the leader in portable security booths since 1986. Karmod guard booth and guard shack products protect employees from the elements on parking lots or any other area. Quality modular guardhouse buildings shipped to you at affordable prices! . With the development of technology and the development of production systems, economic solutions have been developed for the search for more practical and rapid solutions in many areas. Prefabricated building technologies are also one of the areas that develop as a result. With its prefabricated technologies, superior product quality and state-of-the-art production systems, Karmod brings its quality to dozens of countries from all over the world. One of these product groups is modular portable security booths products.

Modular portable cabins can be easily transported everywhere and their shipments can be made easily. It can be produced in many different sizes according to the needs. They are more economical than other production methods. They can have heat and sound insulation. Karmod cabins are insulated in the best way and have a much superior production quality compared to ordinary cabins. Due to the advantages they have, our portable cabins are used in many areas. They adapt easily to any space. For example, portable security booths are one of them. They have high insulation performance. They are resistant to hot and cold. They can have sound insulation. They are very useful, as they are noncorrosive, rustproof and washable. However, when the period of use expires in the place you use, they can be easily moved to another desired location at the end of the project.

Karmod security kiosks are the most economical solution that can be preferred for security in social facilities, municipal facilities, parks and gardens, sports organizations, international congresses and seminars, Olympics, picnic areas. They are produced in a very short time and we can easily deliver them to anywhere in the world where our customers want, in international standards. One of security cabins suppliers, Karmod’s prefabricated security guard houses can be used as portable security booths in complexes, as guard cabins at construction sites in construction projects, as bullet proof cabins in different parts of the city or as armored guard houses in military areas.

Some other application areas of these portable cabins are as follows:

  • Unauthorized personnel checkpoint,
  • Shipping ports,
  • Security gate areas,
  • Entrance gates at corporations,
  • Parking kiosks – for instance at large parking garages or secure parking garages,
  • Tall scalehouses or monitored gatehouses,
  • Secure gatehouse areas,
  • Secure college campuses,
  • Security patrol authorities,
  • Military check-in points.

Prefabricated security cabins are very safe with the use of metal and thick wall structure. Steel doors can be used in our products depending on customer request. Different coating types such as stone coating, wood coating, aluminum composite coating, siding coating can be applied depending on the request of our customers. 12 mm outer coating, 40 mm insulated EPS is applied. Decorative PVC flooring is applied. They have PVC doors and windows. Our security kiosks are designed and manufactured in accordance with the 1st degree earthquake zone. Thanks to their environmental friendliness, when you choose Karmod frp security cabins, the damage you cause to the environment is minimized.

Our frp security cabins are preferred and used safely in more than 100 countries around the world from England to Somalia, from Iraq to America, from New Zealand to Siberia. Our dimensions start from 150×150 cm and standard production up to 270×750 cm can be made. It offers comfortable indoor security areas up to 50 square meters. However, special dimensioning can be made according to the request of our customers. Quality is at the maximum level in Karmod security cabins, manufactured with a belt system at the factory using high technology. Our portable cabins with comfortable working areas are long lasting. Produced using quality materials in every detail from wall panels, windows, doors to electrical installations and fixtures, portable security booths provide you maximum comfort with its ergonomic structure. You can access security cabins for sale and product details on our website.



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