Karmod Kiosk Is Unique With Its Superior Quality


It is possible to see useful kiosk products with portable features, which can be produced in a short time, with high insulation, and can be sized according to every demand in dimensioning in every area. Unfortunately, all of these structures, which we can see in every sector, cannot be of the same quality. Karmod kiosk has a unique quality compared to its similar ones with its tens of quality features. Polyurethane foam is placed between the panels with CTP system.  Specially shaped metal steel construction and pressed in the polyester mold, with only the automation technology in the world and Turkey, as the firing system 50 degrees (CTP) and gel coat is produced by removing the solvent gas in the sandwich panel. CTP is glass-reinforced plastics.

Mobile kiosk produced with this system has high heat and sound insulation. Among the main areas of use of advanced kiosks, which offer functional use features for different needs; There are areas such as sales office, security cabin, management center, portable food kiosk, sales buffet cabin (card, bread, ticket, coin, market, book etc.), parking lot, wc shower units. Our products are called “Ice Cabin” (cool cabin) thanks to the easy air conditioning feature in Senegal and Eritrea from African countries.


It is resistant to earthquake. The floor of our kiosk products, which provide safe use for four seasons, is applied on specially shaped steel construction and one-piece galvanized carrier profiles. As floor covering, 2.5 mm thick PVC mineflo flooring is used as flooring coating on 16 mm thick odorless and fireproof cement chipboard (Betopan) boards. Thanks to the paint technology used, it does not smell. It is anticorrosive, washable, stainless and non-rotting, using a polyester based, off-white (fluorescent) color iso-phthalic acrylic-based gelcoat that is resistant to the external atmosphere and the sun's ultraviolet rays. They can be transported very easily with the crane. There are legs that allow transport from the bottom with forklift or pallet truck when loading with a crane is not possible. All of our kiosk products are shipped ready for use.

Metropolis kiosk, which carries its quality to dozens of countries from all over the world, is a leader in its field and specially designed and produced by expert teams of the world brand Karmod, adapts to the aesthetic texture of its location. Kiosk, which can be produced in different sizes and designs with its different designs, can adapt from the smallest spaces to the largest spaces. It fits very well with the architecture of the modern city.

Security kiosks, which is one of our kiosk products, can be used safely in city centers, on the road, social and sports facilities or at any security point. Thanks to its modular feature, it can be carried anywhere easily. We also have kiosk models with wc units entered through a separate door. Our kiosk products that we produce for security purposes are 4 types with FRP system, ABS New Generation, Panel Cabinet and Karmod Metropolis in the luxury class. Starting from the model that will be used by single personnel with a size of 135x135 cm, production is carried out up to 50 square meters as a security office in the style that many personnel will take part. They can also be used for different purposes such as police - police - gendarmerie and private security point office.

In the product designs of our these kiosk products, the aesthetic concept has been taken into consideration, and styles compatible with the city architecture have been carefully prepared with architectural drawings. Electricity and water installations are prepared for immediate use by connecting to the mains. You can see the products of Karmod, which is a kiosk marketplace that carries its quality to more than 100 countries, in areas from all sectors all over the world. It is possible to sell kiosks wholesale, as well as retail kiosk. With our high production capacity, all our models are shipped shortly after your order.

Karmod is the World Leader in production of modular cabins..

The World living cabins brand name is Karmod. Karmod living cabins are being securely used in more than 105 countries around the World. Why is Karmod the world’s most preferable cabin brand?

-Cabin production is performed through modern band System with full density usage of raw material.
-Karmod cabin has odor-free property thanks to the special painting System inside oven, so people can stay in it without annoyance.
-Thanks to the strict quality control system, Karmod cabins are highly secure and satisfactory to their users. Karmod cabins carry superior characteristics including functional usage of their plans, log-lasting structures, well insulated and shiny surfaces.

Superior quality, Cost Effective,Space Efficient,Durable...

Karmod produces wide range of cabins with demountable structures starting from 150x150 cm dimensions and up to 80 square meters of closed place. Karmod cabins are pre-produced at Karmod factory according to international transportation standards and they can be transported anywhere in the World and assembled by Karmod expert teams. Karmod cabin is used as security cabin, buffet cabin, market cabin, sales office cabin, worksite cabin, bread selling kiosk, tickets and billets sales kiosks, hairdresser cabin , police service point, police center cabin, school canteen cabin, wc and shower cabin, and in many areas where closed and secure places are needed.



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