Why Karmod Security Cabins?

Security Cabins

As the largest polyester cabin producer in the world, Karmod offers its products produced in high quality to the world with more affordable prices and superior quality with its R&D investments. Living areas (wc, shower), kiosks, guard boxes, security cabins and even social facilities are among the common areas of use for these cabins. Carrying its quality to tens of countries from all over the world, Karmod security cabins are the most useful solution with its high quality and affordable prices. Our security cabins can be different sizes from 150x150 cm to 270x750 cm. However, special dimensioning can also be done on demand. Production is carried out with the use of full density raw material in the production belt system. With our high production capacity, your products are delivered to all parts of the world in just weeks from the moment you order.

Affordable Price Advantage

Our ergonomic security cabins, which can be produced in desired dimensions according to demand and adapt to every environment with flexible design possibilities, have the most affordable price according to its quality and peers.

UV Resistant Surface

Glass fiber reinforced (GRP) polyester and gelcoat materials are manufactured as sandwich panels with the technique of curing 50 degrees with the fusing system. Specially shaped panels are isolated using anti-bacterial neutral silicone after screwing and mounting. It provides hygienic and long-lasting protection with protection against water, snow, dust, pest and bacteria. It is anticorrosive, washable, stainless and non-rotting, using a special gelcoat, polyester-based off-white (fluorescent) color, iso-phthalic acrylic, resistant to the outside atmosphere and the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Advanced heat and sound insulation

The panels produced in our facilities by injecting 42 density polyurethane with high pressure machines and using 35mm thick polyurethane with a new generation of gaseous foam provide high heat and sound insulation.

After sales support

Karmod, which is the choice of leading companies and thousands of people that brings its quality to all over the world, is always with its customers with its after-sales support teams. We perform the installation of our disassembled products at the requested place by our expert teams. However, we are with you with our teams instantly in any possible problems after sales. Wherever you are in the world, we are ready to serve you with our teams that are always ready to serve you.

In our security cabins, optionally, can be attached with a glass shutter with a damper and sunshade. Electric lighting fixtures are shipped ready to use in our cabins. Karmod security cabins adapt to any space with its aesthetic modern appearance. It produces a safe and aesthetic solution suitable for your every need. With its advantages, it has superior production quality compared to ordinary cabins. It does not smell with its special painting system. Air conditioner can be installed for cabin interior heating and cooling. An extra side section can be made and the side partition of the cabins can also be designed and manufactured as a guest lounge. They are produced with a special production system in modern facilities equipped with high technology. Security cabins, which are manufactured as a disassembled system up to 12.5 meters long, can be delivered to all over the world by air, land and sea. The quality is at the maximum level in Karmod security cabins, which are produced with a different belt system using similar technologies using high technology. You can look at our products from our website for security cabins in the most suitable sizes for you, and you can contact us for detailed information.



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