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What are Security Cabins

The modularly produced security cabins are the best solution to provide safety and security with its ergonomic design features and high quality. Cabins with different size options offer products for your needs. Through its high production capacity, you can have a large number of cabinets without waiting much after ordering.

What are the Advantages of Security Cabins?

The prefabricated cabins, which have emerged as one of the most practical construction solutions of the last decade, have many advantages. These security cabins, which are preferred in many places for many different purposes, are not only economical but also very useful.

You can make cabin size as much as you want. You can choose from 150 x150 to 270 x 750 cm cabinets which are produced as ready or you can make custom-made cabinets. You can also use the cabinets designed and manufactured with modular features by combining them side by side.

Depending on your request, sunshield and shock absorber glass shutters can be used in security cabins. Thus, partial heat and light insulation is provided for the security stuff. In addition, electric lighting fixtures are ready in each cabin. There is a socket and electrical boxes in each cabin, without the need for additional installation.

Since modern cabins have a very aesthetic appearance, they adapt to all spaces. They offer the aesthetic solution for the security and guard box you need. Since they have superior production quality, they can be used safely for many years. Since special painting techniques are used in the cabinets, there is absolutely no odor problem. Through their special production techniques, security cabins are produced in a sensitive manner to human and environmental health with high technology.


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