Prefabricated Toilet & Shower

Durable Prefabricated Toilet Buildings

Prefer Karmod Prefabricated toilet buildings for your next project. Consider modular toilets for your next special event or festival, or install one on your school campus or construction site. Our modular toilets provide a much higher standard of comfort and cleanliness than other portable toilets. Karmod, we can offer a prefabricated flush toilet experience that provides a real toilet experience even in seemingly impossible places. Our prefab toilets also allow hand washing, which can be a low key requirement in harsh environments. If your park needs a toilet, can we recommend prefab toilets? Prefabricated buildings are cost-effective, environmentally friendly, consistently high quality and offer a wide variety of options. Our fast modular toilet installation process is perfect for remote locations, especially when compared to onsite construction costs over long distances. Karmod Yapı manufactures a wide variety of prefabricated toilet buildings. Our fully eco-friendly prefabricated toilets are a permanent and economical solution for parks and recreational facilities, schools, transportation facilities, military bases and secure installations. We produce single, double, multi-user and prefabricated toilet buildings. Our single and dual-user toilets are delivered pre-assembled, pre-installed and wired on site. "Does the prefab modular toilet make sense for your facility?"

Permanent & Temporary Modular Toilet Designs

Modular toilets, shower and toilet facilities are a fast and cost-effective way to get the toilet facilities you need. Prefab Modular toilets can be easily added to your existing facilities or placed as a stand-alone portable toilet building. Prefab toilet construction can be completed offsite at a manufacturing facility, helping speed up your project timeline from order to delivery. Our larger prefab toilets are prefabricated and then assembled on site. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, we can customize one of our prefab toilet options to meet your exact needs, including aesthetic options that blend in with your existing buildings in the area. With all our toilet options, you'll save significantly over traditional bar-built construction. A unique upgrade to porta potties for half the price of alternative options. Check out our image gallery for examples of some of the work we've done. Another important advantage of modular toilet buildings is that they are more economical than site-built constructions. If you are looking for a fast and affordable solution in places, modular toilet structure may be for you.

Karmod is a worldwide brand name and produces prefabricated toilet and prefabricated bathroom units according to international standards. We offer toilet and shower facilities for all types of public social facilities, mines, oilfields, international fairs, parks, gardens, sports organizations, tourism industries and road construction sites.

Karmod uses only quality-certified materials for the manufacture of prefabricated portable toilets and showers. We manufacture different configurations of sanitary and prefabricated bathroom units according to international quality standards.


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