Prefabricated Houses Models

Our prefabricated house models are popular all over the world.

We have completed over 10 thousand projects, which we planned and produced with our quality. The prefabricated houses models that we produce are the preference of our customers thanks to the inexpensive and quick installation feature. Today our prefabricated houses can be safely used in every region of the world. The customer satisfaction we achieved in our projects was our greatest achievement.

Why Prefabricated model houses ?

To mention briefly the prefabricated houses; We can say that it is a modular building system that can be produced in the desired square meter and number of floors and based on the same solutions as its decoration, water and sewage system, electrical installation, heat and sound insulation and other building types. Prefabricated model houses have many advantages over reinforced concrete as well as there is almost no deficiency. In modular structures, just as in traditional architecture, production is made in accordance with the request of the user. All techniques applicable to reinforced concrete can be applied in subjects such as heat and sound insulation. In addition, since steel construction is generally used in modular structures, it is much more durable and comfort. Its construction is quite ecological, as it produces minimum construction waste and does not have needs such as concrete irrigation. Even after assembling and placing prefabricated structures that can be produced with the same comfort and features as reinforced concrete structures, you have the chance to move to other areas.


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