Prefabricated Houses Models

High quality prefabricated house models for generations

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect prefabricated house model. Perhaps you will find yourself relaxing on a wrap-around patio in your traditional-style prefabricated house Maybe a contemporary farm or ranch is more your vision. Whatever your style, your prefabricated house model should be everything you dream of. Imagine your dream prefabricated house model designed by your favorite architect. Cozy rooms with plenty of natural light turn into open house-plan spaces that are intertwined and open to nature. A model of a prefabricated house nestled in a meadow built on the beach next to a mountain lake or in a sandy meadow. A place where you can always feel at home, even if you just took a break from the city. The good thing is, making this dream come true is now easier than ever before. And it mainly depends on one innovation: prefabricated architectural elements. The costs of prefabricated houses are not only a breakthrough in terms of sustainability and comfort, but also provide a wide range of advantages. With these modern prefabricated house models, you will discover how diverse and beautifully designed this type of prefabricated house really is.

Modern Prefabricated House Models

For those looking for a more affordable and sustainable way to own a new prefab home, we offer prefab homes, high quality design models, often at a smaller cost per square metre. Built in a factory and shipped in parts to be assembled on-site (or in some cases almost entirely built in a factory), they are built faster than traditional bar-built houses. Prefab house models also offer bold, distinctive style homes – often by top designers – without hiring an architect and settling on an uncomplicated house plan.

Here you will find all the great prefabricated house models and floor plans. We offer one and two story house models, modern style houses and smaller floor plans that are part of our collection. If you're ready to build now, take a look at our new Karmod prefabricated house model collection! Each prefabricated house models and plans are designed in our own way at Karmod. So go ahead, explore our selection, we're sure you'll find a home you'll love!

Your Dream Prefabricated House Models Start Here

Since 1996, Karmod Homes has built thousands of prefabricated house models for thousands of families - comfortable, affordable, safe prefabricated houses. As a family company based in Turkey, our prefabricated houses and small modular houses meet the needs of families. We specialize in modern prefab modular homes and prefab tiny houses for sale.

Created in partnership with award-winning designers, made with modern rustic design or optimized for comfort, these prefabricated house models make the dreams of design lovers come true.

With today's modern, prefabricated house models and floor plans, you will have the luxury of customizing prefabricated house models to suit your unique wishes and needs and of course your lifestyle. Have fun with the process. Think of the floor plan as the starting point, not the finish line. At Karmod Homes, we have been customizing prefabricated house models since 1986 and turning your dream prefabricated houses into reality. We love to not only meet but exceed expectations, within our Prefab Home buyers' budgets. That's why, whether you're a growing family that wants to create beautiful memories in your new prefab home, or you live alone and are looking for comfort and security, give us a call.

Our prefabricated house models are popular all over the world.

We have completed over 10 thousand projects, which we planned and produced with our quality. The prefabricated houses models that we produce are the preference of our customers thanks to the inexpensive and quick installation feature. Today our prefabricated houses can be safely used in every region of the world. The customer satisfaction we achieved in our projects was our greatest achievement.

Why Prefabricated model houses ?

To mention briefly the prefabricated houses; We can say that it is a modular building system that can be produced in the desired square meter and number of floors and based on the same solutions as its decoration, water and sewage system, electrical installation, heat and sound insulation and other building types. Prefabricated model houses have many advantages over reinforced concrete as well as there is almost no deficiency. In modular structures, just as in traditional architecture, production is made in accordance with the request of the user. All techniques applicable to reinforced concrete can be applied in subjects such as heat and sound insulation. In addition, since steel construction is generally used in modular structures, it is much more durable and comfort. Its construction is quite ecological, as it produces minimum construction waste and does not have needs such as concrete irrigation. Even after assembling and placing prefabricated structures that can be produced with the same comfort and features as reinforced concrete structures, you have the chance to move to other areas.


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