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Karmod prefabricated houses have been producing and offering high-end custom prefabricated houses to 132 countries for over 36 years. Karmod specializes in the production of modern prefabricated houses of small and large square meters. They focus on the inherent sustainability of the modular enclosure and reinforce it by firmly adhering to the “more is more” philosophy. Karmod Prefabricated Houses offers one of the most comprehensive prefabricated modular house collections. . Karmod Homes not only produces some of the best modular homes in the world, but also builds social housing for middle and low families. Karmod Prefabricated Houses are among the most striking modular houses. Excited, Karmod is launching Prefab Homes as the current favorite manufactured home builder. Quality They offer premium home designs without sacrificing amenities.

Established in 1986, the company has designed and installed more than 50,000 prefabricated modular homes worldwide. The modular homes of Karmod are CE and ISO certified and have more than half a century of experience in housing design. We are proud to offer affordable family prefab homes

Healthy life in warm prefabricated houses

Are prefab homes very different from on-site built homes? Because prefab homes are built indoors, prefab homes can be completed in a matter of weeks rather than months. They do not see the typical onsite delays that are predominantly due to weather conditions. Prefab homes must follow certain rules, guidelines and building codes that often exceed those of traditional onsite homes. When considering a modular home, be sure to shop around as not all companies that make factory-built homes are the same. There can be significant differences in quality, price and service. As with buying or building any prefab home, you should do your research.

Karmod prefabricated house manufactures 30,000 square meters of luxury modular homes based in Europe and Turkey. Another example of a modular home builder pushing the limits of one's imagination as to how monumental a modular home can be. While they certainly offer some of the more contemporary styles that are characteristic of prefab homes, prefab homes also offer beautiful features in a wide variety of architectural styles.

What is a prefabricated house?

Some prefab homeowners dream of their own bespoke home, but don't want to put in the time and expense of managing the architects, engineers, and construction workers required to build a home. Modular and prefabricated houses are a great alternative to traditional design and build homes. They are cost-effective and can save you a lot of time. A modular home is a home built indoors in a factory-like environment. The finished products are sealed and transported to their new location where a builder installs them. A modular home is not a mobile home; just a house built off site. These homes are often referred to as factory-built, system-built, or prefab homes.

Modular homes and prefabricated houses often mean the same thing. Prefab homes is the all-encompassing term for a home made up of sections assembled off-site. A modular home is often considered a prefab home - because it's built in sections elsewhere.

Prefabricated House Construction - High quality / Low prices

Karmod Building Systems adopts the approach of producing the components off-site and delivering them ready for assembly, as opposed to delivering the completed prefabricated houses to your site. Their home has a light steel moment frame that resists forces in both directions. The company claims this reduces the need for load-bearing walls and gives customers great flexibility in terms of placement. While most prefabricated houses tend to be smaller, Karmod also offers large-scale real estate residences. They describe their approach as “partly prefabricated, fully custom” offering the best of both worlds for those whose design goals cannot be fully met with current advances in prefabrication.

Prefabricated Houses

Modern and ideal living in these Prefabricated duplex houses

Buying a duplex house brings many advantages and Karmod, as an experienced home construction specialist, has the right houses in the program. With our 30 years of experience, we offer you high quality and affordable living spaces that are carefully crafted by our architects and engineers with an innovative line through the synthesis of modern architecture. The selection of Karmod prefabricated houses ranges from budget to exclusive models. Our duplex homes are state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly, have a long service life and are safe against level 1 earthquakes. Here you will find a combination of comfort and decency. There is the right prefabricated house for every taste and budget.

Although prefabricated buildings are not very common yet, they offer many advantages in terms of usage, economy and environment. They are becoming more and more popular all over the world, are preferred by many people. The advantages of living in prefabricated houses do not end with counting.

Advantages of Prefabricated Houses

Perhaps the biggest advantage of prefabricated houses is that their construction is practical and quite fast. The construction time of the prefabricated house, which varies according to the size of the house, is extremely short. It is possible to use between one week and ten days after the foundation concrete is ready for construction after being laid. It is more likely to be preferred when compared to a normal house that can last for months.

After building a normal house, demolition is required to change part of the building or to add an additional storey. This leads to both longer time and higher costs. However, in prefabricated houses, it is much easier and cheaper to replace parts, disassemble and install elsewhere, and add additional storey through the production of parts in factories, clamping with welding and assembly processes.

It is possible to carry the prefabricated houses, that is, to dismantle the parts and install them elsewhere, even if it is a long and difficult process. Reinforced concrete structures are not suitable for carrying and displacement.

Prefabricated houses are earthquake resistant due to their mounting on a steel frame. While it is possible to crack and demolish normal concrete houses during an earthquake, prefabricated houses are more flexible.


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