Prefab Home Technology


Ecological Prefab Homes and Healthy Living

Karmod has been one of the leading prefab home construction companies in Turkey and the world for 36 years. Better still, your prefab home will be built on time, on budget and by our expert craftsmen using the highest quality materials.

Whether you have a sophisticated, vintage look or are looking for something more contemporary and cutting-edge, our luxury prefab home builders will help make your dream prefab home a reality – no matter the cost. As part of our commitment to building eco-friendly prefab homes, your home will also feature a host of innovative, quality, energy efficient features for maximum comfort and convenience.

The result is an extremely powerful, energy efficient and cost effective prefab home system. Building with prefab homes will save you time, money and labor. Our prefab homes are a fast, environmentally friendly and robust building technology that has been tried and tested in 132 countries of the world.

Architect design prefab homes

For nearly 36 years, we have designed and manufactured prefabricated modular building systems for a wide range of industries including self-built, private and prefabricated homes, affordable social housing, educational buildings, nursing homes and student accommodation. fast, cost-effective and energy efficient off-site construction method.

Structural insulated panel systems, which are accepted as a modern construction method and offer a sustainable prefabricated housing solution, have now been adopted in the Turkish and World construction industry.

Prefab homes structurally insulated panels are produced with insulated Fiber cement panels obtained from sustainable sources. This allows large sections of Prefab homes to be furnished at once, providing a high strength-to-weight ratio that speeds up the time required on site.

Eco-friendly, sustainable prefab hoe design

By combining our technical office architects and knowledge expertise with the latest design software and manufacturing equipment, we make it faster for our customers to build efficient, high-quality prefab homes.

All of Karmod's prefab homesare packed with environmentally friendly innovations as standard, and we produce a prefab home that meets every need for our customers in Turkey and around the world, beyond significant savings in energy bills. These eco-friendly prefab homes have heating on each floor, heat recovery ventilation, breathable wall systems and glazed PVC windows.

Build Your Own Prefab Homes

Your new prefab homes will use incredible technology designed to fit your lifestyle, with ingenious solutions that guarantee your comfort and safety. Imagine a prefab home that intuitively complements your lifestyle – it knows exactly the temperature you want and how bright you want your lighting to be and can be remotely controlled for maximum convenience and peace of mind. Our wall system is among the best in Turkey and the World. Karmod wall panels are produced from ecologically sound materials that provide excellent thermal insulation and breathability, very low values ​​and superior humidity control. Thanks to the expertise and workmanship of our Turkish contractors, your prefab home will always be warm in winter and very cool in summer.

We are working on better living spaces for future generations ...

Karmod manufactures practical prefab homes, which are characterized by their low prices, can be set up very quickly, are suitable for all 4 seasons and were designed according to different climate zones. Our modular houses are designed to make life easier and better for you. That is why we are constantly improving our construction system. The orders of the customers go in our module houses in different directions, whether holiday home or normal residential building. We work for future generations of eco-friendly and affordable homes. A modular prefab home that meets the desired standard is just as important as comfort and aesthetics. Our homes are designed for high insulation and maximum energy consumption. Choosing Karmod today will give you millions of hours of experience. Karmod's comfortable, fully secure and durable modular homes are an affordable and environmentally friendly way to create your own affordable living space.


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