Double Story Prefab Homes

Prefab Homes with the Highest Energy Efficiency

Karmod has been constructing steel prefab homes and social housing in Turkey and the world for more than 36 years. We design and build beautiful, bespoke and remarkably energy efficient prefab home and social housing properties for our self-build clients.

It is a successful combination of all the advantages of advanced European technology with the best Turkish architectural style and craftsmanship. Our in-house architectural technicians, 3D designers and project managers work together to ensure the finished Prefab home is exactly what our customers imagined.

Karmod is passionate about building eco-friendly, sustainable prefab homes for the future. We believe energy efficient design is essential in any new property, with benefits for both the home owner and the environment. Building sustainable prefab homes is an environmentally friendly choice; It helps to create a renewable and airtight structure. We also have extensive experience in renewable energy technology. We recommend you to visit our Factory or Showrooms to see for yourself the high features and flawless surface of our prefab homes.

Inspirational Prefab Home Designs

Every prefab home produced by Karmod is unique. All of our prefbaric homes and properties are bespoke; Our in-house design team works with each self-builder to ensure that the size, appearance, and layout match the client's vision of the prefab house of their dreams. If you don't know where to start, take a look at some of our prefab house designs below to give you some ideas. These show just a few of the options available and the skins available.

There are many names for the range of prefab home systems offered to 132 country markets in Turkey and the world, with all varying service levels from prefab homes to modular construction including all exterior and interior cladding and everything in between. All comply with the rule that they are manufactured off-site in a controlled factory environment and transported to the site for assembly.

The flexibility of using a prefab home gives buyers options to design their bespoke new home to their exact requirements, with many prefab homes offering versatility with design packages. Prefab homes are the best and fastest way to get a cost-effective and thermally efficient building. Here are some of the prefab homes we have completed for self-build clients who come to us with their own steel house designs.

Why should you choose prefab homes?

Affordable Homes! Prefab homes offer up to 50% less than wall construction methods.

Fast construction! All major component materials prefabricated in a controlled factory environment, weather conditions will not affect or slow down construction and production, which will then take weeks instead of months.

High efficiency energy! Prefab homes achieve their low Values, which means huge savings in heating costs. This is an advantage not only for self-builders, but also for Developers who want to promote their newly built homes with A+ EPC ratings.

Modern and Flexibility! You may like the style of one of our prefab homes but you may not like the interior layout, we can fix this by discussing all your specific requirements with our own design partner and redesigning the prefab house to meet your needs.

Both Luxury and Affordable: Two Storey Prefabricated Houses

Unfortunately, if you want to have a luxurious and durable house with a modern and aesthetic design, you have to save money for years and wait for months for construction. Yes, this is the case for reinforced concrete structures. But when you prefer prefab houses, it is the exact opposite situation. On the contrary, you don't have to wait months of construction for your home to be finished. You don't have to put yourself in trouble to save big budgets for years. Prefabricated houses are low-cost, durable buildings that are produced in a factory environment with a steel frame. They are produced as durable even to 1st degree earthquake zone. You can own a house very easily with low cost prefab housing.

Prefab houses, which are produced as disassembled and installed in the shipped area, are also highly preferred in mass housing projects besides personal home preferences. Social prefab housing is a very economical, useful and short-term solution for refugee camps, mass housing projects, mass housing in disaster areas. And if you prefer social prefab housing for these situation, you can build huge living spaces in a very short time.

However, modular homes may bring many questions to mind. Are these structures really durable? Can I use it safely for many years? etc… With the development of technology, production systems are also developing a lot. Thanks to state-of-the-art production systems, heat and sound insulation, durability and security of prefabricated houses can be as much as a reinforced concrete building. Especially in cases such as earthquakes, single-storey prefab homes are quite safe. It provides close to one hundred percent confidence even in 1st degree earthquake regions. They are also very resistant to fire with their fireproof class quality materials used in their structure. Maintenance costs are much lower than reinforced concrete buildings.

With Karmod Steel Frame Prefab House, Your Dream Home Is No Longer A Dream.

Karmod steel frame prefab house models are prepared with teams of architects and engineers who are experts in their field. It offers comfortable places with high security from the static to the architectural plan. As soon as you choose one of the tens of steel frame prefab house models specially prepared for you by expert teams in the field, production begins immediately. It is installed by expert teams and delivered to you ready for use.

Prefabricated houses can be transported to other places, if desired, thanks to their demounted structure. With the use of recycled materials, prefab houses are a completely environmentally friendly house model. It does not harm the environment. Thanks to its high heat and sound insulation, it provides safe use in all seasons and helps to save cost in heating and cooling systems. It provides great savings. It has a flexible design feature. The coating you want can be applied on its outer coating glass facade, aluminum composite cladding, stone cladding or wood cladding are possible. Steel frame prefab houses are produced with seamless screw systems, in this respect, it also provides great savings in material. Prefabricated houses, which provide savings in many respects, offer you peaceful and comfortable living spaces for many years with its comfort as well as its prices.

Since 1986, we are bringing our products with high satisfaction to our customers in 100 countries. As Karmod Prefabricated Building, we manufacture the highest quality, durable and long lasting aesthetic houses for you in our modern production facilities of 20.000 square meters, with our innovative technology, using high quality materials at international standards. Would you like to have a house with features that you will find your dream lifestyle in just weeks? With Karmod steel frame prefab house models, your dream home is no longer a dream.


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