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Double Story Prefab Homes

2020 Model Prefab Homes

These houses are the first choice of thousands of people from tens of countries for years

Karmod prefabricated houses are the first choice of thousands of companies and people from dozens of countries with their quality, attractive prices and advantages for years. With over 30 years of experience, expert architects and engineers, we live the pride of producing your homes with care. Karmod duplex prefab homes are designed and produced specially for you with their modern appearance and solid structures. You can safely choose these houses as a summer or winter holiday home, as a vineyard house in your rural areas or in your daily life.

These prefab homes with their aesthetic appearance that attracts attention with their stylish designs are budget friendly. They are very durable with the quality materials used in their production. They are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. These prefab homes that you can receive in a very short time with their modular structures are waiting for you.


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