Portable Military Shelters

New Generation Military Building Solutions designed and manufactured in Turkey

Housing in a prefabricated package, quickly installed, highly efficient modular camping solutions. Military accommodation shelters produced by Karmod are easy to install and highly flexible, robust, reliable army structures. They can be used as command centers, accommodation structures, canteens, meeting rooms and even triage points in a healthy prefabricated modular camp... Prefabricated modular camps for soldiers can be designed as a complete turnkey solution as mobile, semi-permanent or temporary and can be installed on site.

Prefabricated modular Military structures are quick and easy to install, usually taking about 2 hours for 4 or 5 people, depending on the size and configuration of the structures. They are also multifunctional and can provide ideal environments for accommodation, living quarters, headquarters medical buildings, air shelter or the perfect workspace.

Innovative Temporary and Permanent Military Modular Buildings

Military Emergency Shelters are designed for rapid and cost-effective deployment. The simplicity of the design and installation method means that modular buildings can be adapted to almost any situation where quick and easy tool-free installation is required. Military Prefabricated Storage Units are fully disassembled, repositionable and suitable for any medium to long term storage, warehousing or operational requirements. Military Steel Construction Hangars and Maintenance Shelters are diverse enough to cover the mobile maintenance of any ground vehicle up to the size of a main battle tank and the mobile maintenance of any large aircraft up to the size of a hurricane fighter-bomber. The Multi-Purpose Military Shelter Series produced by Karmod is a series of large military modular structures that can offer indoor spaces suitable for dining structures or recreational activities. Different wall and flooring options offer a wider comfort level and affordable price option. Lightweight, modular, highly efficient modular buildings allow warriors, disaster response teams and medical professionals to work in austere environments devoid of energy. Rapidly commissioned and ready-to-assemble prefabricated modular structures provide thermal insulation, greatly reducing energy dependence, extending existing energy and enabling the use of alternative energy sources. Karmod modular buildings that can be deployed on unhealed ground instantly provide critical shelter.

Quickly Establishing Military Shelters All Over the World

Karmod Modular buildings are fast commissioning, energy efficient modular structures - when you need them, where you need them. With Karmod's complete modular camping solutions, energy saving, health and efficiency can be greatly achieved. The prefabricated, highly insulated modular construction, requiring little or no site improvement, allows government, disaster response and humanitarian organizations to rapidly deploy camps that can house thousands and provide alternative energy for a self-contained camps.

Energy wastage has been identified as the number one problem as environmental control in energy-inefficient residences and buildings. It doesn't take much to envision the horrendous inefficiency of trying to cool modular buildings and containerized dwellings and steel bunkers. With its average thermal efficiency, the World Housing Solution Quickly Deployable shelter has been proven to reduce energy demand by up to 90% compared to Prefabricated modular buildings and containerized housing.

High Quality Military Shelter Solutions

Karmod is the world's leading manufacturer of portable military shelter systems. Karmod fold-out portable military shelters are the ideal solution for rapidly deployable, comfortable and energy-efficient structures. Expanding to several times their shipping volume once in the field, these units can be transported by land, sea or air efficiently and economically. The units can be configured according to your requirements and they are engineered to fit together to form a larger complex. Military Applications For Karmod Fold-out Shelters.

With military shelter camps deployed on all 7 continents, mostly in remote areas, we know how to move equipment and information around the world to meet your operational needs. Karmod's Military shelters can be rapidly deployed, from set up to fully operational in 45 minutes.

Rapid Deployment Military Shelters, Medical Triage Facilities, Mobile Command & Control Centers, Mobile Training Rooms, Mobile Office Suites, Mobile Communication Centers, Decontamination Shelters,Temporary Storage Units, Operations Centers, Mobile Workshops.



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