Portable Military Shelters

High Quality Military Shelter Solutions


Karmod is the world's leading manufacturer of portable military shelter systems. Karmod fold-out portable military shelters are the ideal solution for rapidly deployable, comfortable and energy-efficient structures. Expanding to several times their shipping volume once in the field, these units can be transported by land, sea or air efficiently and economically. The units can be configured according to your requirements and they are engineered to fit together to form a larger complex. Military Applications For Karmod Fold-out Shelters.

With military shelter camps deployed on all 7 continents, mostly in remote areas, we know how to move equipment and information around the world to meet your operational needs. Karmod's Military shelters can be rapidly deployed, from set up to fully operational in 45 minutes.

Rapid Deployment Military Shelters, Medical Triage Facilities, Mobile Command & Control Centers, Mobile Training Rooms, Mobile Office Suites, Mobile Communication Centers, Decontamination Shelters,Temporary Storage Units, Operations Centers, Mobile Workshops.



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