Portable Classrooms

We produce portable classrooms for learning

Karmod portable classroom solutions, we are the leading manufacturer of modular steel structure classrooms in Turkey and 132 countries of the world. With our expert production technology and providing fast solutions without sacrificing quality, we quickly solve the education building problem, which is the need for portable schools and classrooms in the countries of the world. Our factory manufacturing process and turnkey solutions mean that fully equipped modular portable classrooms built offsite can be installed on site in a matter of days.

High quality learning environments

Karmod portable classroom solutions can provide you with high-quality off-site learning environments, from single modular portable classrooms to complete schools, teaching blocks or gymnasiums. All modules are built to standards that meet or exceed traditional building standards and can be ready for use at least 50% faster than on-site construction methods. Better still, permanent modular portable buildings can be easily replaced, expanded or even relocated to make it easier to respond to changing demographics and manage student numbers.

Short-term portable classrooms and nurseries

We currently work in partnership with local authorities, schools, academic foundations, colleges and universities to deliver everything from primary schools to secondary education settings, colleges and university education buildings. Off-site construction means that new modular portable educational buildings can be created with minimal disruption to learning, and we can schedule installation during school holidays or during off-peak times.

Affordable and cost-effective portable classrooms

Working with Karmod portable classroom solutions means that your investment in new learning spaces can be financed from revenue budgets rather than capital expenditure. This provides greater certainty when budgeting and planning how the space will be used. Your investment is also future-proof, as space can be reconfigured at any time.

Our temporary portable classrooms and nurseries relieve the pressure of growing student numbers with short, medium and long-term accommodation solutions. Each of our modular portable classrooms creates a learning environment for high-quality, comfortable teaching that enables students to succeed.

Fast portable classroom solutions for changing needs

It is seen that the governments of the countries need a serious education building with the primary and secondary school student population that is increasing in their own countries and in the world. Karmod portable classroom solutions provide fast, simple and affordable school and classroom solutions with our experience in thousands of modular schools or portable classrooms across the world. We are here to produce from a single temporary modular classroom to a teaching block or even an entire school.

Versatile and flexible portable classrooms

Our learning accommodation can be tailored to your needs, including flexible terms to distribute costs. A wide variety of configurations are available, offering light and airy teaching spaces with stackable modules up to four stories high. All our mobile portable classrooms are fully compliant with building regulations and specifications, providing maximum training in learning.

Our Portable Classrooms are suitable for all stages of learning

Karmod portable classroom solutions include portable nursery buildings and mobile nurseries for preschool age groups. Our portable nursery buildings are structured to meet the spatial needs of seven learning and development spaces for young children, so there is no need to compromise on the learning environment, even if it is temporary.

Approved portable class manufacturer

You can purchase our temporary portable classrooms and nurseries from karmod right away for as long as you need them, so they are ideal for managing student growth peaks or as a stopping point when new facilities are being built. When you're done with your modular portable classrooms, you can take them and set up your training bins elsewhere.

Modular building built for future generations

Whether school, daycare or campus we offer reliable buildings in modular design. Modular buildings help you stay flexible and respond quickly and cost-effectively to space requirements. We have done a lot of school projects, especially in Africa, Europe and South America. You can contact our experienced sales people to find out about our modular school models and pricing.

Advantages of our schools in modular construction:

-Easy loading and on-time delivery

-Customized classroom designs

-Technologically fast production with quality control

-More efficient use of resources

Designs better portable classrooms

Portable classrooms are the best option when schools need more space. Our modular prefab buildings for the education industry create dynamic space solutions that provide safe and clean learning environments for students and staff alike. Mobile classrooms and modular education buildings are cost-effective building solutions to accommodate long-term and temporary classroom overcrowding problems. Expansion of conventional modular prefab school buildings can be costly and time-consuming.

Whether you are a public or private educator or corporate trainer who needs fast, flexible teaching space, consider our modular education buildings for use as modular classrooms, learning cottages, dormitories, daycare facilities, gymnasiums, cafeterias, and complete prefabricated school campuses.

Permanent custom modular school buildings offer the durability and performance levels of conventional construction. Our buildings are built to meet your specific design requirements and material specifications with no sacrifices in quality. When we combine modular construction and Karmod’s experienced team, you will be enjoying your new school facility sooner than you imagined.

Contact Modular Karmod to expand your facilities without sacrificing design or quality,

New Generation School & Education Buildings

With the technology developing in every field, new production systems have also improved a lot. Thanks to the production technologies developed in the field of construction, it is possible to produce very durable buildings with thousands of people in a very short time. One of these building systems is prefabricated buildings. Prefabricated buildings are economic buildings that provide dozens of convenience in every field and offer practical solutions. They are produced in a factory environment. When disassembled structures are shipped to the requested area, their installation is carried out by expert teams. It is delivered ready for use. Construction periods do not last for months, as in reinforced concrete structures. Buildings that can accommodate thousands of people can be produced within weeks. Thanks to these facilities, one of the most preferred areas of the buildings preferred in many areas is the education area. School & education buildings may not be established in many regions due to many different negativities and inadequacies in the field of education. For example, economic insufficiency is one of the biggest reasons. Prefabricated school buildings are very economical buildings. The best solution to these inadequacies is modular school buildings. In addition to private school projects, they are also preferred safely in schools to be built by the state.


However, modular classrooms can be preferred not only in cases where there are certain deficiencies, but also because of their advantages. Portable school buildings, which can be easily transferred to another area when their use expires, can also be used as permanent custom modular schools and offer safe use for many years. Another area of ​​use is permanent or temporary school buildings that will be installed in place of school & education buildings destroyed after a natural disaster. When portable classrooms are temporarily installed, they can easily be moved to another area when their use expires. Thanks to their environmentally friendly structure, they can be used for recycling and do not harm the environment as much as a reinforced concrete building. When prefabricated school buildings are preferred in this respect, you have not only economical and useful educational areas, but also environmentally friendly educational buildings.


Karmod is one of the leading companies preferred in prefabricated school buildings built by the Ministry of National Education and Governorships. Prefabricated private schools are the most attractive solution for those who have great goals in the education sector and want to achieve these goals immediately, as a long-lasting and economic structure model that can be produced in a short time. As Karmod, we deliver ready-to-use schools to all parts of the world in a very short time with a fast installation system. With the ministry of education in Turkey as well as our school take part in dozens of projects worldwide also taking place in many important educational project, we are proud to contribute. By completing UNICEF school projects in the North East of Nigeria in a short time, we delivered the school & education buildings ready for use to student desks, lockers, education boards.


Every School & Education Buildings From Kindergarten To High School

Prefabricated school buildings are functional structures that can be in different plans for every need. While offering comfortable and quality education areas with their features, they are built quickly and do not require large budgets. Temporary school buildings are one of the best solutions for students to continue their education without interruption during the renovation and reconstruction of schools damaged or dismantled in disaster areas. Portable classrooms with modular structure are produced in a very short time and shipped to the desired area. In addition, from kindergarten to high school, portable school buildings of international standards that can be designed and produced for all kinds of educational buildings can be used as permanent custom modular schools.


Safety and durability are crucial in every area, but when it comes to education, the durability and safety of the building becomes even more important. In this respect, it is very important that school & education buildings are resistant to earthquakes, fires and natural disasters. As Karmod, we produce school structures that can be used safely for many years. We are using TSE certified materials in dozens of school building plans that we have designed for you for every need by our expert engineers and architects. Our buildings are protected against fire with quality materials that are protected against fire. With their 0.40 effective ground acceleration coefficient, they are compatible with 1st degree earthquake zones and are earthquake resistant. Plans are created by taking into consideration the climatic conditions of the region they will be built, and in this respect, modular school buildings that offer safe use for four seasons are produced. With these structures that are fire-resistant, earthquake-resistant, and can be used safely in four seasons, structures such as prefabricated private school building, prefabricated kindergarten building, prefabricated nursery building, prefabricated dormitory building, prefabricated classroom building, prefabricated additional classroom building can be made and any school need is thought.


Although the material used on the inner and outer surfaces of prefabricated school buildings do not contain any substances harmful to health, it does not ignite, does not swell in water, does not mold, does not affect moisture, does not infect, provides excellent sound and heat insulation. Whether the prefabricated buildings have long life varies according to the quality of the materials used. The same is true for prefabricated school buildings. When the school building is made with quality material as much as possible, its life is extended. As Karmod, we specially designed dozens of school building plans that can be used in all kinds of educational buildings from kindergarten to high school and university. We produce prefabricated school projects that can be either permanent or temporary for all school needs, easily transported, highly insulated, ergonomic and safe. And we ship all over the World. You can access these modular school buildings plans from our website and you can contact us on our phone numbers for detailed information.



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