Portable Buildings

Portable Buildings Offer Spacious And Useful Areas

As people living in an era where speed is the most important criterion in every field, we consume fast, act fast, change fast, we want everything to happen as soon as possible. This desire for speed was reflected in every aspect of our lives, in everything we use as a result. When we buy something, we want fast production, we want fast shipping, we want fast change. For this reason, structures that are produced fast in the construction industry are very popular. The frequency of use of reinforced concrete structures, which wait for months of construction, are affected by weather conditions and different conditions, and unexpected costs are gradually decreasing. It is replaced by more useful, more economical structures that can be produced in less time. Portable buildings, one of these structures, are not only produced in a very short time but also have a portable feature.

Portable buildings are portable structures that are generally produced as disassembled, can be dismantled, removed, replaced and re-installed at any place. They are produced in a short time. They are produced in a factory environment, not in a construction environment. Since they are produced in a factory environment instead of a construction environment, portable buildings are not affected in adverse factors affecting construction site conditions. All costs are clear from the moment you place an order and there will be no separate costs as soon as possible. Many workers and technical personnel work alongside architects and engineers in the construction of reinforced concrete structures. These employees and their accommodation also cause a separate cost for the constructions. Since there is no such thing for portable buildings, they are economic structures that can be produced at lower costs.

Portable Buildings Models

There are many types of portable buildings. These:

  • Prefab buildings
  • Containers
  • Cabins


With its modular structure, Karmod prefabricated structures offer the opportunity to be disassembled and installed in other places many times. With our world-class production technologies, integrated facilities and customer-oriented approach, we successfully complete large projects on a large scale at home and abroad. Among the outstanding advantages of our structures are the disassembled fast production, easy transportation and practical ready-to-use installation in a very short time on site. You can come across Karmod structures anywhere from military areas to construction sites, from hospitals to public areas. Since 1986, we are proud to deliver our quality to more than 100 countries from all over the world with our superior service quality, expert team and state-of-the-art production systems.

One of the portable buildings constructed carefully in Karmod R&D is portable cabin products. Portable cabin can be used safely at different sales points such as offices, greengrocer, market, store, buffet, security cabinets, management offices and information points. In addition, portable cabin structures can be used as wc-showers in public areas, fairs and organizations, public spaces, picnic areas, construction sites, worker camps. Karmod portable cabin products, which have high strength, maximum heat and sound insulation with FRP technology, are also unique with their economical construction prices. The new system, Sandwich Panel Cabin, which is prepared with superior qualities in product development processes with our world brand R&D team, has an environmentally friendly feature.

Pre-Built Prefab Cabins Save You Time And Cost

Portable cabin produced with state-of-the-art production systems has pre-built features. That is, it is produced in the factory environment before it is built in the requested location. They also have a disassembled structure. In the factory environment, each part of the building is produced separately, and the parts produced separately are delivered to the requested place as demounted. Structures that are disassembled by Karmod teams are installed at the requested location. The products of Karmod, which is an experienced brand in the field of ready-made portable buildings, have been used safely in 5 continents and in more than 100 countries for years. Since all components of our products are produced with the use of materials of international quality standards, they do not cause unexpected surprises.


Our portable cabin product range:

  • Precast cabin
  • Sandwich panel cabinet
  • Spacious cabin
  • Panel cabinet
  • Polyester cabin
  • Metropolis cabin
  • Wc shower cabin
  • Armored security cabin
  • Metropolis cabin


The precast portable cabin, one of our portable buildings, which is produced specifically for the expectations of a higher comfort security cabin compatible with the modern city architecture, is immediately noticed with its aesthetic appearance and the quality it adds to the place where it is placed. Structures with high insulation from wall to roof, window to door offer ergonomic working environments to security guards. Karmod Panel Cabin is the ideal building solution for multi-purpose indoor needs in different sizes from 2 m² to 7 m². The wall and roof panels of the cabin have a sandwich panel system with EPS filling and 40 mm thickness and it is the best in its class. It has maximum isolation and easy air conditioning feature. Portable cabin structures with their aesthetic modern appearance adapt to any space they are in.

Electrical installations and material usage are carried out in determined quality standards and are completely safe. It produces a wide range of standard cabinets from 150x150 cm to 270x750 cm.  We also have cabin sizes in larger sizes. Cabins produced with superior production quality compared to ordinary cabins do not smell thanks to their special painting systems. We can deliver our polyester cabinets up to 12.5 meters in a very short time to all over the world by airline, seaway and highway. In the production of Karmod mobile WC & Shower cabins, quality materials, raw materials and accessories are used, from electrical and water fittings to doors and culvert windows. Portable cabin thickness, production and accessory quality are immediately noticed compared to ordinary brands. Karmod wc shower cabins are the ideal solution in parks and gardens, public spaces, stadiums, organizations and construction sites.

Polyethylene toilet units with clean water tank and waste water tank are among our portable cabin products. Another portable cabin product is the armored security cabin. It is prepared for task points requiring high security. It is aimed that the military and police security personnel working under difficult conditions in areas under war and terrorist threats can work in a safe environment. With its ergonomic design and plan, it provides comfortable working environments for the staff working in it. Along with the official security duty points, other uses of our armored security booth products are management centers. Our bulletproof portable cabin products are safely preferred in management centers where security is important, such as holding centers, embassy and consulate buildings, headquarters buildings, liaison offices, regional offices.

Prefer Karmod portable cabin products for durable, environmentally friendly, healthy and ergonomic work areas that you can use safely in all areas. See the difference. For detailed information, you can browse our website, you can contact us from the relevant phone numbers.


What are Portable Buildings 

We've pushed the limits of cabin dimensions and added a versatile range of wide cabins. If you are looking for construction site offices, conference rooms, canteens, storage rooms, clinics or classrooms, then you can buy with our wide cabins a closed area of up to 50 m².

Portable Buildings

Depending on the customer's wishes, various applications and improvements may be taken into account, e.g. Shutters for windows and air conditioners. The foam filled glass fiber reinforced wide cabins made of polyester plates are sturdy even in extreme weather conditions.

Join thousands of companies and people around the world who chose Karmod's wide cabins and appreciated the difference.

When you want to buy or rent a structure, you cannot find a building that suits your needs completely. Portable buildings will be suitable for you if you want to have an architecture that fits your needs completely instead of living in standard-sized buildings.

Environmentally Friendly Portable Buildings

Container designs are designed to be environmentally friendly. When you get support from professional companies, you can have buildings that can be completely friendly to nature and the environment. These portable buildings are also structures where you can save energy. With a container, where you can achieve maximum efficiency with minimum energy consumption, you can save your budget while at the same time you can be environmentally friendly.

Among the container designs that stand out in different ways according to the materials produced, there are designs that can adapt to modern, avant-garde, classical, and alternative decoration styles. You can reflect your personality to the outside in the best way with the portable buildings where you can realize your decoration style as you imagine. Through its energy-efficient structures, mobile features and container that stand out with their stances that can appeal to free spirits, you can get away from reinforced concrete structures and have the living or working spaces you dream of in the most practical way.

When you have portable buildings called the architecture of the future, you can evaluate your investments better and you can also have environmentally friendly buildings with the features you want. The prefabricated, which is also widely used in smart home technologies of the future, offers highly functional and dynamic spaces.


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