Plastic Mobile Toilets

Portable mobile toilet from Karmod, the leading manufacturer of prefabricated construction in the world. The mobile toilet was developed in Karmod's R & D department and is characterized by ease of use and ergonomics. The toilet product is made with high density polyethylene raw material with long endurance endurance and it is safely used in hot or cold climatic conditions.

When evaluating the interior ergonomics of the Karmod portable toilet, convenient design and hygienic conditions are carefully planned in the toilet bowl design. After use, odor-preventing ventilation grilles are placed and hidden by the design. The pure water unit is integrated in the feces storage. Additional details such as liquid soap dispensers, toilet paper and towel rails, mirrors and hangers are placed on the product along with the main utilities such as reservoir, toilet bowl, urinal, sink.

Mobile toilets are used safely without connecting to a large number of in-city city networks, such as military sites, refugee camps, campus grounds, and outdoor organizations such as sports organizations, concerts, and rallies.

Dimensions; Height: 245 cm, Width 115 cm, Length: 115 cm, Weight: 105 kg

High quality Plastic mobile toilet manufacturer

Karmod mobile toilets are the leading Plastic Mobile Toilet manufacturer of the highest quality in the world and in Europe.

Karmod plastic mobile toilets determination to provide quality products and commitment to excellent customer service has enabled the company to become one of the largest manufacturers of polyethylene portable sanitary products in Turkey and Europe.


Here at Karmod plastic mobile toilets, we ensure that you get quality and well-made portable toilet products, so we only offer proven and tested plastic mobile toilets for you. offers mobile toilets for events and functions, including all services, to ensure that all customers get everything they want when it comes to the Toilet business. As they say, “The second job for our customers is our first job”. For any custom plans, please contact our support center for more information and technical details. We export Plastic Toilets, Chemical toilets from Germany to France, England, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Italy etc. and all European countries including Bulgaria, Greece, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, Ukraine.


Plastil mobile toilet integrated with water tank and sewer, This Mobile toilet does not need to be connected to the tap water system, which means you can take it anywhere.

Strong and Durable: The mobile toilet is made of HDPE polyethylene material, which is strong enough to carry more weight and use for a long time.

Easy to assemble: The plastic mobile Toilet Seat is easy to install and disassemble, and two workers can assemble one in 30 minutes

Assemble and disassemble repeatedly: This toilet is easy to assemble and not easily damaged. You can disassemble it again and again and use it in different places.


Strong, durable, lightweight and low-maintenance: With options to suit construction sites or outdoor activities, the GLOBAL Plastic Mobile WC is robust, lightweight, low-maintenance and easy to clean.

The standard avalanche specification for construction sites will include a circulating flush toilet tank (which will need regular professional cleaning) and a forearm sized sink with its own captive water supply. Choose from a range of options to tailor the unit to your customers' expectations.


Turkish engineering: All plastic parts made of UV resistant HDPE (high density polyethylene). Gray door - Self-closing with 2 heavy-duty internal door springs. Range of side panel colors - the most common stock colors are blue and dark green. Circulating wash tank, dark granite colour. Robust, low maintenance and easy to clean.


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