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Container Office Building Can Be Used For Every Need

With the development of technology, modular structures began to take place in all areas of life. We can find containers, prefabs, light steel houses or different living spaces everywhere. Karmod prefabricated building technologies have been contributing to leading companies in their fields from all over the world since 1986, making thousands of customers home owners and offering their customers the best quality, most economical, most suitable solution in every field from construction to health. We have been the choice of companies in more than 90 countries so far, thousands of people who want to host and use modular buildings in different living spaces. One of the most preferred structures among these structures is container office structures.

Office Container

Container Office Models

Container structures with ease of transportation, economic prices and new generation areas of use: container house, container dormitory, container dining hall, container villa, container office construction container, waste container, emergency living container, school buildings in the field of education, mass housing, after natural disaster They appear as established living areas, field hospitals in the health sector, container polyclinics, and container emergency living units. Portable container offices, which can be produced as disassembled, are used in many areas such as sales offices, buffet points, project sales offices, construction offices or social facilities. Container office, which provides great convenience in terms of cost, durability and short duration production and shipping, can have high heat and sound insulation with sandwich panel systems.

One of the most preferred areas is construction site areas, container office structures used in the construction site can be used as dining hall, dormitory, security, laundry. Multi-storey structures up to three floors can be produced as monoblock container structures either as single-storey or combined, if preferred. You can shape the interior and exterior designs as desired, and use optional products. As Karmod, apart from our standard container office structures, we can produce the mobile office container model special for you. Thanks to the ease of transportation and shipment, your containers are shipped to your desired location within a very short time from the moment you request. After sales support is provided by Karmod expert teams.

Don't decide without looking at Karmod modular container offices

Container office structures produced with Karmod new generation container technology are made ready for use in just four steps by expert teams and their installation is provided. They are portable structures that you can easily transfer to another area if you want.

  • Possibility to produce up to 12 meters in desired size
  • Durability suitable for 1st degree earthquake zone
  • Suitability to the climatic conditions of the dispatched region, the possibility of safe use in 4 seasons
  • 80 Kg/m² snow load, 80 Km/Hour wind speed
  • 0.26 W/m²K roof transmission coefficient
  • 1.24 W/m²K floor heat conduction coefficient
  • 200 Kg/m² floor spread load capacity
  • The use of 2 mm thick PVC mineflo on 14 mm thick cement board.
  • Using of specially shaped EPS filled sandwich panels
  • Special sealing clamp system is available for roof panels.
  • Electrostatic powder paint technology is used for roof interior and exterior coating.
  • Stainless galvanized sheet is used in its body.
  • Automotive technology is used in paint.
  • PVC joinery with double glazing is used in the windows.
  • It is more durable thanks to the additional support column.
  • High strength and durable door system with sheet metal - polyurethane - sheet metal

You can contact us for more information and prices about Karmod container office buildings, which are preferred by thousands of people from all over the world.


Fast installation, easy transport and inexpensive: Flat-pack container

Thanks to the sophisticated technology of our flat-pack containers, they can be used individually as well as for container systems. With this system up to 8 flat-pack containers including wall elements can be transported on a truck. The simple assembly guarantees a fast installation at the place of use and saves you time and money. Our flat pack containers are available in different sizes with different equipment options. As standard we produce them in sizes 2,3 x 5,95m and 3 x 7m according to international standards.

Offıce Contaıner Blocks

Ground-level mobile offices, also called office containers, are affordable and displaceable solutions made of aluminum and steel, where you can design the interior as desired. With the container office, doors and windows can be made in any number and size outdoors. Floor parquet can be laid in the container office, your work desks and chairs, computers, air conditioner, television, kitchen and sink can be placed.

You can place a container office outside or inside your business. You can easily move the construction container, which is often used as a work office in construction site areas as an outdoor space, from one construction to another. You can also place an office container in the interior of your business so you can create a study room partition within your business. Low costs and portability of the container office provide you with great advantages and conveniences.

Why Should You Prefer Container Office?

A container office offers you several important advantages, such as:

  • There is no setup fee,
  • Convenient office entrance and stepless exit at ground level,
  • Robust security features, including sturdy welded steel safety bars on windows,
  • To be added up on each other (with external stairs) in narrow spaces.

If a standard container office does not meet your needs, prefabricated offices can be produced with the feature you want. In many office containers, modifications such as adding opening doors, adding turbines or ventilation vents, placing lights on the ceiling, power outlets and adding a toilet are possible. Specially designed installations can be made according to your special needs.


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