Single Story Modular Homes

Fast Modern Modular Homes for Everyone

For over 36 years, Karmod has designed and built high quality modular homes for thousands of contractors just like you. We know how important it is for a modular home to fit the lifestyle of the people living there. We try to give people the modular homes they deserve, rather than a compromise they can barely afford, by building better affordable modular homes for the average income. We manufacture high quality and durable modular homes that will meet your specifications and budget. Faster build time.

As Karmod, we lead the future of modular homes. Creating beautiful, sustainable homes that are built to last. Our stunning modular homes are designed to reflect the local character, built at the highest speed and with unmatched quality. Together, we are shaking up the residential construction industry and overcoming the housing shortage. By bringing technology and people together, we create wonderful modular homes designed to adapt to those in need and to blend seamlessly with the local space.

Due to rising house prices and new construction technologies, there is a great interest in modular houses in the world right now. We must be kind to our world - there is only one. Karmod embraces sustainability at every opportunity and chooses to be a health and environmentalist.

Your Dream Home Is Here - Build Your Dream Modular Home

Our goal is to create modular homes that people love while reducing the impact on our environment. Our stunning modular homes and apartments are not only zero carbon modular homes, they are also fully customizable. They are built faster and cheaper than traditional brick and reinforced concrete mortar homes, and finally, housing authorities acknowledge that modular homes are part of the response to our housing crisis. So far, it has been highly favored by families looking for a self-contained modular home that is unique but without the hassles of self-build. And while that option remains, Modular homes are now being offered in public housing and other uses to expand existing homes.

Modular homes have also developed our own unique processes that reduce waste by 90% and save residents up to 50% energy. With each modular home being precision engineered around a galvanized steel frame in a dry, clean workspace, we deliver consistently high standards of reliably homes.

At Karmod Modular House Company, we combine state-of-the-art modular construction with classical design principles to create modular homes with character and appeal. Modular Homes are built in our Istanbul factory before being delivered and completed to sites in Turkey and the World.

Sustainable Modular Homes to inspire your self build

Using Karmod, winning architects and designers, who have realized modular house projects in more than 130 international countries, we bring an immediately noticeable design thought, detail and intelligence. And we innovate by using modern construction methods, new materials, future-oriented technologies and ensuring that a Karmod is delivered and installed to 99% of Turkey and the World. A modular home is much more than a shelter, it's an extension of you and your dreams, it's a sanctuary, a place where you can make shared memories and even show off a little (whisper). It does matter, it matters. This is why most of us make sure that each Karmod will stand up long after they stand. Karmod Modular houses, which are handcrafted to meticulous standards by using quality materials in sensitive facilities, have a structural life of 60 years.

Karmod steel frame modular homes mean less work on site, which means lower total cost for you. With our smart design and innovative technology application, every Karmod modular homes will achieve a range of green features and off-site superstructure construction will ensure that your new home acquisition is financially the best solution.

Single Storey Prefabricated Homes

In our age, where time, speed and cost have gained much more importance, providing fast and cost-effective services has become more important as well as providing quality service in every sector. The most preferred companies in every field are the companies that do this in the fastest and most affordable cost as well as providing quality service and products. For this reason, buildings that save time and cost have been preferred a lot in recent years. Prefab homes are modular homes, which can have different square meter areas, suitable for any kind of land, produced in a factory environment. Interior and exterior designs can be optional. Although prefab homes are thought of, houses with simpler structures come to mind, very affordable, modern and luxurious buildings with different designs can be produced with affordable prefab housing. If you have a land that you want to make use of an opportunity, if you have a desire to have a house away from the noise of the city, have an affordable house or if you dream of an affordable summer house, affordable prefab housing is the best choice for you.

Modular homes, also known as flat pack homes, have a disassembled structure. They are produced in a factory environment, when they are shipped to the area they are located, they are established in a very short time by expert teams and delivered to you as ready-to-use turnkey. Flat pack homes do not harm the environment because they are produced in a factory environment. As with construction sites, they do not cause noise pollution, visual pollution or environmental pollution in the environment. Single-storey prefabricated houses can offer you very useful living spaces even for very small residential areas. In this respect, they provide a great advantage.

Why You Should Choose Prefab Homes?

Prefabricated homes are very advantageous in all aspects. First of all, they are not affected by adverse weather conditions like reinforced concrete structures since they are produced in a factory environment and not in a construction site environment. When you choose flat pack homes, you don't have to wait months to get your home delivered. Even waiting for months, you do not have to allocate huge costs. Reinforced concrete structures are very high cost structures as well as their construction takes too long. In order to have a durable, highly insulated, aesthetically designed reinforced concrete house, you may have to wait months for construction time after you have made saving many years. But with prefab homes, you can have the same quality summer house, winter house, vineyard house, permanent living spaces for much lower budgets. Many construction site expenses such as craftsmen, plumber, painters, workers do not occur with flat pack homes. This is one of the reasons of why they are economical. Also, in reinforced concrete building construction, more extra cost areas may arise during the construction period than you originally planned. But when you choose modular homes, you choose the plan of your house before production starts, and the price you pay is only the price that is determined at that moment.

As Karmod, we have been hosting thousands of people from everywhere in the World at very affordable costs with modular homes. For example, we constructed 1884 housing units in just 7 months in Iraqi cities of Bagdad and Kut. With many models you can find suitable for every area, we are building the most suitable house for every area you want. With our after-sales support teams, we are with you at every stage of the installation or in any possible problem. Having dozens of modular homes plans, Karmod single story prefabricated homes are produced in international standards and shipped to all parts of the world by seaway, road or airway in a very short time. Come to Karmod and have your dream home.


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