Modern Steel Frame Homes

What are Steel Frame Homes

With its light-weight characteristics, Karmod modern steel frame homes provides enhanced safety against natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes. The main reason behind increased security is that load-bearing walls manufactured using light gauge cold formed steel profiles and sheathing boards providing lateral resistance are the main structural elements of these buildings. Even after catastrophic events causing urban-level damages, steel skeleton does not completely fall down, thanks to the property of steel called ductility, and minimizes fatal failure.

Modern Steel Frame Homes

Steel homes have longer service life compared to other types, e.g. reinforced concrete buildings, since all the members are prefabricated using highest quality materials and minimizing production errors. Majority of production work is completed via a quality-controlled manufacturing process before on-site installation, and the construction of steel buildings takes a lot less time than other options. On-site assembly of prefabricated steel houses is carried out by our expert teams and we deliver turn-key building including waste and clean water installation and painting.


Why prefering Steel frame homes

Steel frame homes and buildings are one of the rising trends of the construction industry in these years. The steel frame house method, which is an alternative to classical construction cycles, enables durable structures to be created much faster. In this sense, we can say that the architecture of the future will include steel construction houses and offices, offices and hospitals.

  • Because of high quality strong material It provides sound, heat insulationIt, reduces energy consumption costs.
  • Most of the cities in the World prefer to live in Steel fram homes because of high number of earthquake hits.
  • The installation process of steel homes is not only faster, also environment friendly than ordinary homes.
  • Because of materials, logistic and Construction process costs are low, you may design a house with your own budget.

Why Choose Steel Home?

In the process of building your dream steel home, you will be faced with a wide variety of options. Fortunately, one of the most important options is simple. When deciding on a steel frame for your Home, it's easy to understand why strong and durable flat steel frame homes are so popular. Every single component of our High Quality steel frame homes is made to connect and bolt together to provide serious stability. The roof is locked to the beam, which locks into the wall steel frame and locks to the floor. The steel frame home of your home is so strong and sturdy that it comes with a 60-year structural warranty.

Karmod Steel Buildings has 36 years of production in the special metal fabrication business. Open since 1986, Karmod Steel Buildings is dedicated to steel frame home construction, pre-constructions made of steel and metal, its design and civil engineering

What are Light Steel frame homes? And what makes them different from other types of housing and houses? The main difference is that the frame of the house you will live in is made of steel, not wood – which is the most common material for steel house frames. While wooden frames have distinct advantages over steel frame homes, steel also has many advantages, some of which may surprise you. For example, did you know that steel is recyclable?

In this article, we will weigh the pros and cons of different materials such as steel, wood, and concrete, and also explore the concept of a steel frame house more generally.

Steel Houses Are Stronger Than Wood

Steel houses and structures are much more durable than wood and are more resistant to water damage. Steel doesn't bend, burn and expand and rot like wood, so it's less likely to attract fungus. Wood-eating termites and other insects also stay away from a steel house. Steel frame houses can withstand hurricane force winds and be designed for seismic activity. Metal is not combustible, meaning the house does not give more fuel to the fire as a Wood wooden house would. Steel house frames are also 30 percent lighter than timber house frames.

Strong and Durable Steel Houses

Our company started when we realized that traditional construction methods of Karmod steel buildings did not work. We wanted to build a steel house frame that was as economical as it was strong, capable of withstanding even the most extreme conditions and disasters. Our team brings their passion for people and safety to work every day, and we use that passion to build exactly what we decided to do: build the highest quality residential steel frames on the market.”

The Karmod steel frame homes has been proven to withstand hurricane-force winds, tornadoes, fires and even earthquakes. Each steel house is constructed from high quality steel and is designed to significantly overcome the many vulnerabilities of a traditional timber framed home. In addition to our super-strong steel frame homes, you also have the option of getting our steel roofing and residential steel siding for a strong and low-maintenance exterior. For extra energy savings, we also have radiant barrier insulated wrap as an upgrade to traditional vapor barrier material.

Steel house Cost-conscious prospective homeowners who want to customize their own living spaces prefer metal steel frame homes that combine the strength and versatility of a steel construction home with the style and beauty of traditional home architecture. When choosing to build a Light Steel house, you are not limited to choosing a pre-set floor plan. You can customize your steel house with the most suitable price and a layout for your needs.


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