Modern Prefab Cabins

Aesthetic Long Life Cabins for Modern Architecture

Karmod Modern Cabins are aesthetic cabins manufactured in modern design suitable to the texture of the city. As a product of R&D studies of Karmod, Modern cabins are aesthetic structures contributing quality to the place of installation and enabling any covering possibility on it. In Modern cabins, depending on the request, it can be applied as "tasonit yalipan" covering (a physical mixture of wood, cement, and non-hazardous chemical additives that is shielded from both surfaces), wooden covering, aluminum composite covering or siding covering. Modern cabins can be manufactured as 1.5 x 1.5 m up to 3x7 m and can easily be transferred with truck or 18-wheeler. Again depending on the request, by manufacturing demounted as large sizes, spacious areas can be created with on-site assembly.

Modern prefab cabinsBy means of insulated styrofoam used in Modern cabins, heat and sound insulation is at maximum level. With metal usage and thick wall structure, Modern cabins are highly secure buildings to use. Steel door can also be used in Modern cabins.

Karmod Modern cabins can be manufactured suited to many needs from security to sales office, from kiosk to recreational area, ticket sales points to newsstand.

Modern Aesthetic Cabin Solutions

Modern cabinsare preferred as environment-friendly aesthetic view WC solutions in public spaces such as social facilities, picnic areas, parks. Our Modern WC cabins are manufactured and delivered with ready to use electric installation, water and waste water installation.

On-site manufacturing is long and labor costs are high. However, in fabricated structures, especially reinforcement and concrete quality increases. Prefab cabins are therefore more economical. Many mold materials are replaced with hundreds of products with a single mold. This greatly reduces cost. It also saves time. It helps you get the everything done in a short time without having to wait much.

In addition, the use of compression press technique helps to increase the density by taking the air in the concrete. This method reduces the water absorption rate of concrete and prevents deformation caused by freezing and thawing.

What are the Advantages of Modern Prefab Cabins?

Since the prefab cabins are modular, they can be planned in advance and produced according to the needs. Prefabricated buildings are much more practical than other buildings and can be delivered in a much shorter time. These structures are more flexible than others and are resistant to earthquakes and ground slips.

Prefabricated buildings are capable of responding to every request. In the prefabricated rooms, balconies and bathrooms can be placed where desired. Heat and sound insulation of prefab cabins is much more than other buildings. It is possible to produce according to all types and sizes. View options are available upon request. It is easy to remove or replace unwanted parts that need to be replaced.

It can be created without polluting and disturbing the environment. Rich possibilities are given from the raw material feature to the color of the roofing material and wall covering material upon request. According to the materials and techniques used in prefab cabins, a minimum life of 40-70 years is given. Steel, cement chipboards are used in prefabricated. Sound and heat insulation are projected.


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