Mobile Toilet & Mobile Showers

Practical solution that makes life easier: Mobile Toilets


Mobile toilets products are named as portable mobile toilets with their ready-to-use feature. Along with WC units, shower cabin units can also be added to the model. It is designed by Karmod engineers for the areas where access to clean water is a problem with its clean water tank. Considering the customer preferences, alafranga closet stone, alaturka floor stone or shower tray are produced in our portable restrooms models. Among our mobile toilets models, we can list our Metropol cabin models that appeal to polyethylene mobile toilet, GFR system polyester wc shower cabinets, ABS system wc, panel system wc shower units, container wc shower and more demanding customer segment. Our polyethylene mobile toilets models are ready to use like our other products, and they have a clean water storage tank on the cabin and a waste water storage tank at the bottom. The waste water tank can be completed in a short time with the channel cleaning tool.

Each of our models is produced in a multi-unit plan, starting with a single unit and reaching up to the 12-chamber cabin. When use is completed, it can be easily moved to other places. Multiple units can be easily placed according to the location by arranging single units side by side. Our GFR polyester mobile toilets can be prepared in multiple units from 150x150 to 3,90x12,30 meters in size with its modular combination. Our Metropol cabin toilet model is planned for areas such as luxury management offices, embassies, holding centers and can be prepared in alternative plans in multiple units.

Although it covers a very small area, hygiene is given importance with its mini sink and fountain. Wc & shower containers that we produce are used as the most useful mobile WC & shower container solution in the construction site, worker construction sites, mines, mine exploration and inspection sites, road construction sites. Karmod offers the most economical and practical WC & Shower solution in parks and gardens, mosques, sports facilities, shopping malls, restaurants, gas stations, carpet pitches. There is a 250 liter waste water reservoir on the product. Waste and clean water outlets are prepared so that connection can be made to the main network. It selects all the materials we use from the productions with quality certificates and has international standards. Karmod mobile toilets are produced in different plans in terms of customer preferences. Our products, which are in high demand with their ergonomic use, are also very attractive with their economic prices. Mobile toilets produced by using polyester based off-white (fluorescent) color iso-phthalic acrylic based special gelcoat resistant to external atmosphere and sun's ultraviolet rays are anticorrosive, washable, stainless and non-rotting.

The mobile toilets produced with the container model have a long-lasting structure class and can be easily transported to other places, especially with modular demount. In Karmod mobile toilets production, quality materials, raw materials and accessories are used, from electrical and water fittings to door and culvert windows. Cabinet thickness, production and accessory quality are immediately noticed compared to ordinary brands. All of our products are ready for use, and the electrical and water installations are shipped together with the units so that connection to the mains is made. Shipments of our products are very easy. It can be loaded with the help of a forklift or manually loaded into the vehicle.

Advantages of Mobile Toilets

  • Suitable for 1st degree earthquake zone
  • Possibility to use in 4 seasons
  • Snow and wind resistant
  • Protected against fire thanks to the use of fireproof class materials
  • Resistant to the outside atmosphere and the sun's ultraviolet rays
  • Economic
  • Ergonomic


Since 1986, we have been taking our quality to every part of the world with our living spaces that we have produced specifically for every sector. You can contact us for the most suitable solution for you, you can have the highest quality at the most affordable prices in the shortest time.

Our mobile showers and toilets are simplifying Lives

Karmod's modular fiberglass cabins are produced in our modern production facilities with high-quality materials in electrical and sanitary areas, doors and windows. The aesthetic design of our WC and shower cubicles makes them ideal for inner cities, parks, picnic areas, exhibitions, fairs and stadiums.

Mobile Toilet & Mobile Showers

Based on our customer requests, we offer 6 types of our mobile showers and toilets: WC and shower, mobile toilet and shower containers, fiberglass toilet and shower cubicles, inexpensive WC and shower cubicles, disabled WC shower cubicles and polyethylene WC shower cubicles.

Mobile toilets are being produced with better quality and health protection every day. Today, even the technologies of solar panels are integrated and used in these toilets. There are basically two types of prefabricated toilets and these types are determined according to the possibilities in the region where they are installed.

It is possible to talk about the types used in connection with fixed sewage and two different types of prefab toilets that are not fixed and used without a sewer connection. The use of mobile toilets is quite common. They are preferred especially in places where the temporary toilet is needed. You can see that such toilets are preferred in temporary construction areas, events, concerts, outdoor weddings.

Sewerage Connected Mobile Toilets

Mobile toilets do not just have to be spontaneous toilets. Nowadays, these with these sewerage connections can be used in many places. They are used with a sewer connection, especially where there is a sewage connection close to the city, but where a toilet need is needed temporarily.

At this point, these toilets, which were established as of the day the construction started, continue to be used until the end of construction. Later, these toilets are removed and taken to other construction sites. At this point, there are two reasons why the toilet is not built and used regularly. Firstly, this toilet should be demolished later, and secondly, the toilet can be used later in different areas. Moreover, mobile toilets are practical and easy to clean. In the mobile toilets used depending on the sewage, people may prefer a flush toilet, or even urinal and squatting toilet if they wish.


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