Together with humanity in difficult times.

Establishing refugee housing quickly and pragmatically.

We are proud to sign the world over the construction of a wide variety of "Container for Refugees" projects using the latest technology in production. Residential containers quickly and cost-effectively create mobile housing and have considerable advantages for municipalities and cities. While residential accommodation with several hundred rooms is requested, it is also possible to build small residential buildings for individual families or small groups of refugees. In order to meet the change requirements required for project implementation, we put great emphasis on maximizing customer satisfaction by revising the existing project. We always keep customer satisfaction in mind for those who are using the residential areas. In addition, we strive to provide you with the best service by combining our knowledge and technology with our sense of responsibility.

Discover the Best in Living Container

Karmod Container Living was founded in 1986 by the founders of Karmod, out of the love for alternative structures. Traditional quality home construction experience has resulted in a sense of inadequacy, so it has made it its mission to improve these challenges by producing living containers. The benefits are incredible, almost indestructible!

Karmod's history of building quality custom prefab living container homes combined with high construction standards will provide you with full time homes, holiday cottages and even commercial properties. Most of our floor plans are “Certified Manufactured Living Container Homes”. This means that strict rules are followed to facilitate your ability for funding and municipal approvals.

Karmod Container Living is passionate about making your dreams come true by creating a totally unique living container house that fits your lifestyle. Choose any of the Living Container house floor plans and then choose the custom options you want: siding type and color, flooring, cabinets, countertops, lofts, kitchens, bathrooms and more!

Living Container home by Alternative Living Spaces

Over the last thirty-five years there has been an increase in demand for Living container homes due to their low cost of construction and portability. Therefore, by re-developing living containers as a new generation, it has become an eco-friendly trend in building space-saving modern living container houses around the world.

Also if you are interested in living container architecture, you will definitely be inspired by these living container houses and designs from around the world. Not only does it offer the chance to own a container home for less, but it also does your part to lead a sustainable lifestyle. Check it out and you'll want to own one!

Are you looking for an alternative living space? We've created the perfect list of affordable living container homes for sale. Living container homes have become extremely popular with today's eco-friendly minimalists. We understand why these living container homes are coveted in today's society as these eco-friendly living container homes are durable, affordable and portable.

High quality custom container living for sale

Organizations that find themselves needing multiple units tend to benefit the most from redesigned living containers. A living container can be stacked, cut and combined to create a larger space, or added as a separate unit to scale a facility as needed. These larger facilities are common for organizations that need portable living space, making living containers an excellent choice for making the design, construction and growth of these facilities more manageable. For example, temporary oilfield housing often includes more than just an area for crew members to sleep in, they need laundry services, dining areas, toilets and showers. Living containers allow customized configuration of individual boxes, enabling a company to design the facility that works well for them. The ability to create a larger living facility helps make the most of the space allocated in a remote human camp, and more living containers can be easily added as the facility expands.

The Karmod living container is a great option for couples looking for an affordable home. This single storey living container house beautifully accommodates a bedroom, lounge, closet, kitchen and bathroom. A full-time small container can be used as a home, guesthouse or office.


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