Emergency Shelters for Victims - New Technology

We produce emergency shelters with new technology design, economical and easy assembly to offer an economical solution for humanitarian aid. Emergency shelters designed to provide an economical solution for humanitarian aid in the event of a worldwide natural disaster or war conflict. Modular emergency shelters that I, as Karmod, have been producing on 30 thousand square meters since 1986. Temporary emergency shelters, which can be built faster and more economically than any permanent structure, are the most demanded practical structures in the world.

Emergency temporary shelters, produced to meet the basic needs of refugees displaced by war and armed conflicts and natural disasters, have been developed as a longer-term alternative to emergency shelters with an estimated lifespan of ten years in temperate climates. Due to their modular and flexible design, emergency shelter shelters can be quickly deployed to conflict zones and modified to serve as a management centre, clinic or resting place, among other things. Since 1986, we have produced more than ten thousand affordable and fast emergency shelters for humanitarian operations in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East and South America.

Emergency shelter for homeless

Emergency shelter facilities, shelters for the homeless, temporary living centers, family shelters, which Karmod produces, provide accommodation for 1 million people a year, as well as providing shelter to those in urgent need, as well as providing holistic physical, emotional and spiritual support to homeless adults, veterans and children, providing holistic physical, emotional and spiritual support to long-term homeless people in the world. We produce and install emergency shelters quickly, economically.

Emergency Shelter: Simple shelters or fully functioning health and medical facilities can provide immediate protection to earthquake and disaster victims. Quickly established practical shelters are preferred to protect people from extreme floods, storms and weather conditions, biological or chemical threats, and other life-threatening situations.

Families in Need of Help - Everyone Deserves a Home

The emergency shelters that Karmod produces are to change the lives of the poor, homeless, young and old by providing basic services to the community. Those who deal with disasters, epidemics, hunger, abuse, financial instability and housing displacement. We respond urgently to expectations by providing emergency shelters that every living person needs in a difficult time.

Humanitarian general purpose emergency shelters are designed to be put together quickly and easily to respond to earthquakes, natural disasters and emergencies. Emergency shelters are often used to house families, dining halls, schools, and storage areas. These emergency bunkers are economical easy-to-assemble modular structures that can safely form an enclosed structure in most environments.

Homeless Shelters - Families in Great Need of Help

Homeless shelters provide a warm and safe place for men, women and, where possible, families to stay. In cities where we do not operate homeless shelters, we offer assistance to meet emergency shelter overnight or support those facing shelter and food insecurity with emergency shelter services.

We produce from emergency shelters long-term housing services, supportive facilities for the elderly and affordable housing for low-income seniors and private living complexes for homeless adults and families. We are building safe and peaceful emergency shelters where thousands can call home for those struggling to rise above the poverty line and for their children.

Emergency Residential Buildings

Standing beside people in difficult times

With a production experience since 1986, more than 20,000 square meters of technology production space and well-organized teams, we are trying to help worldwide where help is needed.

Karmod's emergency shelter provide a flexible and cost-effective alternative to creat living space.

Our modular concept includes a compact family-friendly living room module as a basis with several expansion levels. Whether natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, fires and volcanic eruptions or social events, Karmod offers fast modular housing for urgent settlement needs.


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