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Have Your Dream Home Within Weeks With Container Homes

The importance of speed in the modern era has affected every sector. Rapid production, fast service and responsiveness to the need in a very short time become important in every field. In line with this need, modular production systems are also preferred in the construction industry with their production in a short time and their easy installation in a short time. Container structures are used in many areas from construction to health. Some of the container structures used in dozens of areas:

  • Construction site container
  • Office container
  • Life container
  • Construction container
  • Container homes
  • Refectory container
  • Site dining hall
  • Staff refectory
  • Warehouse container

Container House

Among the reasons for having such a wide range of uses are their technical features. Demounted container systems that adapt to the aesthetics of the environment with their aesthetic designs are transported ready to use very easily and their installation is provided by Karmod teams who are experts in their fields in a very short time. These container structures, which have entered all over our living spaces, have become also very preferable in home constructions. Container homes are among the first preferred structures for every area such as summer house, winter house, highland vineyard house and so on. If you are dreaming of a life away from the city and surrounded by nature, these houses will be the most ideal buildings for you. Container homes, which offer long-term and safe use, are designed in different ways and produced in a factory environment in a very short time. They can be transported by crane.

In addition to the high cost of reinforced concrete structures and the length of construction times, the shortage of structures that are durable, offering long-term use with confidence, with long construction times and excessive costs have also played a major role in increasing the demand for structures such as container homes with modular structure. However, container homes are much more environmentally friendly than reinforced concrete structures. In this sense, besides cost-effective and durable living spaces, a container house offers you a healthy living space.

Materials used in container homes construction provide earthquake resistance. It provides high protection in natural disasters such as fire. A wide variety of container house sizes are possible depending on the needs. According to the optional materials that can be used in its structure, many different types of container homes are possible, and container homes are preferred in dozens of different areas such as summer houses, winter houses, highland houses or permanent living areas.

There are also opportunities to offer different designs among the reasons for preferring reinforced concrete structures. However, thanks to the developing technology and state-of-the-art production systems, a wide variety of modern design luxury container home can be designed and produced. You can have luxurious living spaces with less cost by allocating much less budget for lux container homes compared to reinforced concrete structures. You can have modern houses with very aesthetic design with interior and exterior designs that can be shaped as desired.

Karmod in Turkey and in the world we are proud to offer the most appropriate solutions to the need for a leading construction companies from all over. Karmod construction site container structures are located in the labor camps of many construction projects, Karmod container villa structures, prefab container homes are the choice of thousands of people from all over the world. Container house solution can be offered as single storey or double storey for wide usage areas. Container homes with 2 container combination, which are mostly preferred by our customers, are preferred as 42m². Contact us and we will offer the most suitable house for you among dozens of container house models. Come to Karmod, have your dream home in the shortest time, in the most convenient way, at the most affordable costs and have safe and durable living spaces with the structures you can use for many years.



Container House Technical Specifications

For over 30 years, both across the world and we are proud to produce the most appropriate solutions for leading companies in Turkey. With our experience and expert teams, we design the most suitable solution and realize our production in the shortest time with the latest technology production systems we have. In order for a container house building to be the most suitable solution for the desired area, it must have the appropriate technical features. With Karmod's new generation technology, container house has dozens of advantages. And they have unique structure and prices among their counterparts. Some of Karmod container homes technical specifications:

  • 1311 Erdemir Galvanized metal usage
  • TSE 634-2 betopan use
  • TSE certified materials in electrical and sanitary installations
  • Earthquake resistance
  • Compliance with the climatic conditions of the region
  • Production opportunity up to 12 meters in desired sizes
  • EPS filled sandwich panel used on the wall
  • It is evacuated thanks to the special clamp system in the rainwater structure
  • Use of double glazing in windows 4 + 12 + 4 mm thickness
  • Use of 2 mm thick PVC mineflo on 14 mm thick betopan boards in the floor covering


In addition, ABS floor stone products are used on the floor stone in sanitary installation. The toilet bowl is ceramic. Mirrors, soap dispensers and paper accessories are also included, and TSE certified products are used. Electric and plumbing is a surface-mounted system. PVC moldings are used on the inner edges of the windows. The windows are 890x1135 mm sized, 90 degree opening single leaf.  If you want, you can choose a single-storey or duplex house. Besides simple, cute and useful living spaces, luxury homes are also possible with container homes. It has very economical prices. You can have the most affordable prices for your dream luxury home in a very short time.

Contact us for your needs and we will offer you the most suitable solution in the shortest time. We can deliver your container house anywhere in the world, and install with our expert teams within weeks.


A finished container house in just one day.

The Karmod container house is different than normal houses. It is fast, practical and an idea for the people who are breaking new ground and thinking new thoughts. Perfectly planned by us and planned according to your wishes. We offer high quality container houses in modular design at reasonable prices. The container house is the ideal solution when it comes to quickly and easily create an attractive living and working space. Apart from the fact that the container houses do not need to be approved by most authorities, they can easily be dismantled after installation and placed at a different place of use, as desired.

Container House | Prefab Container Homes

One of the most important architectural developments of the recent past is, of course, the container homes. These houses stand out with their affordable economic conditions for everyone, more ecological and environmentally friendly and renewable flexible structures than concrete. It also gets acclaim for its super-fast construction processes with its modern designs and portable modularity. Container houses are used with many different functions in the world, from cafe shops to outbuildings and guest houses, from playgrounds for children to restaurants on service areas.

Advantages of Container Homes

You can own a house through the container homes in areas where construction is forbidden, even on difficult terrains or on sloping ground. You can choose ready-made structures produced as modular, or you can take advantage of the customized production option. It will be sufficient to assemble the manufactured structure in the area. This means that you will save time, money and labor compared to conventional building constructions lasting for months.

You can easily have sound and heat insulation at container homes. The latest products produced with new technology allow you to benefit from renewable energy sources. In this way, you will reduce your billing costs while protecting environment. You can move the structure to a new place and add new modules whenever you want.


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