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The Choice Of Leading Construction Companies: Karmod Construction Site Containers

Construction Containers

New generation container systems are a building model that does not have any alternative with its dozens of superior features in meeting the construction site needs of the important construction and infrastructure projects such as energy, airport or road construction. Its advantage through superior quality and offers dozens, over 30 years of experience in construction and container Karmod designed and produced by the team of experts in the field made is the choice of the world's and Turkey's leading companies. 

Karmod oilfield container camps were preferred in construction site buildings of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, which is built by the Russian state company and when it is built, it will be the Turkey's first nuclear power plant. In this large and important project, the buildings, which can accommodate a total of 3264 people at the same time, have been made ready to use in just 105 days. Karmod container accommodation was preferred in the accommodation of the workers and technical staff who will work in the basic excavation in the Istanbul Airport project.

Advantageous in every way

Workforce housing in containers are structures that provide safe, convenient and healthy living spaces and provide safe use in construction sites and labor camps. One of the most important issues in long-term construction projects is the provision of living spaces in the shortest time possible for the sheltering needs of technical personnel and workers in construction sites and labor camps. The most preferred structures for this need are construction container structures.

Container building systems provide ease of assembly, are produced in a very short time, have ergonomic designs in every size suitable for every need, are easy to ship, Karmod can be installed in a short time at any place in just four steps with the new generation container technology, and a construction container can be installed, fire, earthquake and It is designed and produced in accordance with different climatic conditions. With dozens of different advantages such as this, the container system is the most preferred structure in the construction area. As portable man camps container buildings, they can be used safely for shelter and various needs such as construction site dining hall, staff dining hall, staff dormitory, WC-Shower.

Because they are portable, it is also very easy to move from one place to another. They can be produced as monoblock, disassembled and combined. Karmod is always with its customers with its after-sales support team. The most suitable solution in terms of installation, cost, time and performance are construction container structures.

Karmod construction container structures, designed and produced with more than 30 years of experience and expert teams, are the choice of leading companies in more than 90 countries. Non-rotting galvanized steel is used in construction container structures that offer ergonomic design up to 12 meters. It has the possibility of safe use for 1st degree earthquake zones and offers safe use in four seasons thanks to the design and production of the desired region in accordance with the climatic conditions.

A specially shaped EPS filled sandwich panel is used on the container walls and roof. Thanks to the EPS-filled sandwich panel used on the roof, rain water can be evacuated easily and safely with its special clamping system. TSE certified, superior quality materials are used in electrical and sanitary installations made on plaster. With Karmod new generation container technology, construction office containers can be installed and made ready for use in just four steps to the region where it is shipped.

It has the advantage of flexible design. It is possible to produce useful and safe construction container structures up to 3 floors with combined production. Special automotive technology is used in container paint. In their windows, PVC joinery with double glazing is used. They have high heat and sound insulation. Thanks to its easy and fast shipping and bolt-on feature in the field, it is installed in a very short time. With this feature, construction container and construction storage containers produced with new generation container technology offer the most cost-effective, quality and most useful solution in large construction and infrastructure projects involving thousands of technical personnel and workers.

The choice of construction companies for major projects

Our practical, economical and high-quality office containers of the new generation offer great advantages in construction sites. Office and construction site containers are the most preferred container systems of construction companies because of their ability to be quickly installed on the jobsite and dismantled and shipped to another location as soon as the projects are completed. According to the needs of construction companies, construction site containers are the most preferred structure for dining rooms, dormitories, social facilities, toilets and showers. Our specially made 5 cm sandwich panel wall and 12.5 cm sandwich roof panel ensure high heat and sound insulation. Karmod is the most preferred modular construction company in Turkey.

Construction Site Containers

Using high innovation power and superior technology infrastructure, long-lasting structures are produced at international standards. Steel construction structures, light modular structures, and containers, which have versatile usage possibilities and enable you to organize living spaces practically, offer solutions that make life easier. Construction container, which allows you to prepare functional living spaces through its easy installation, can be used for different purposes.

What Advantages Does Construction Containers Have?

The advantage of fast installation and easy transportation can be listed among the main advantages of construction containers. Container models, which can be moved with the support of cranes, can be transported quickly to different areas within the construction site. Construction container types prepared according to the requests of the users are produced in the factory ready for use and moved directly from the factory to the construction site. Containers that can be completed within hours; It makes it possible to create functional, versatile, comfortable, and safe living spaces.

What are the Construction Container Usage Areas?

Construction container models designed as monoblock or combined; It is frequently preferred to create functional living spaces in medium and large-scale projects such as construction, tunnel, bridge, shopping mall, airport, road, mass housing sites. Standard containers produced in different sizes can be partitioned on-demand or monoblock containers can be combined to create wider areas.

As soon as necessary equipment is added to the containers, indoor living areas are; It can be used as an office, warehouse, watch box, toilet, bathroom, laundry, dining hall, dormitory, and canteen.


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