Karmod Cabins Offers Superior Quality Guarantee

We have been proud of delivering our quality to more than 100 countries from all over the world with our expert teams and state-of-the-art production systems on this road, which we have started since 1986 with a focus on customer satisfaction. With dozens of structures we produce, we strive to plan and produce structures that offer the most ideal solution in every field, from business areas to daily living spaces. One of these structures, our cabins, is preferred in many different areas, especially in the security field. They are robust and safe, they are useful with heat and sound insulation and ease of carrying in one piece. They are non-rotting products that can be washed and resistant to washing. Cabins, which are presented as easy-to-use products in terms of being designed for everyone's use, can also be prepared in accordance with modern city plans. Wc shower cabins, metropolis cabins and portable security cabins are among our most preferred cabins. Wc shower cabins offer ideal solutions for both temporary and permanent solutions in construction sites, public spaces and public spaces. Metropolis cabins, which can be used in many different areas such as sales kiosks, taxi stands, security cabins and management offices, beautify the environment with the flexible design they offer.

Cabin Models

Cabins Technical Specifications

Karmod security guard cabins, preferred in more than 100 countries, are the most practical solution with their high quality and ergonomic designs suitable for safety. We have container security cabin and prefabricated security cabin production in different sizes from 150x150 cm to 270x750 cm. With our high production capacity, all of our models are shipped to all parts of the world by air, sea or land within just weeks of your order. As the largest polyester cabins manufacturer in the world, we offer products that are produced in high quality to the world at a more affordable price with R&D investments. Wc, shower, toll booths, watch boxes, security cabins and even social facilities are among the common areas of use for these cabins. It can be made with antibacterial silicone in their production. This ensures that they are resistant to dust, water, sound and snow conditions.

Outer surfaces are produced resistant to ultraviolet rays. High-reliability structures come to the fore with bullet-proof properties. In our security cabins, optionally, glass shutter with shock absorber and sunshade can be attached. Electric lighting fixtures are shipped ready for use. Fuse box and plug are available. Karmod cabins are well insulated and have superior production quality compared to ordinary cabins. They do not smell with their special painting system. They are suitable for 1st degree earthquake zone. Construction specially designed metal steel outer panels and polyester in Turkey in the mold and pressed at 50 ° C as in automation technology in the world as the firing system (CTP) and gel coat is produced by removing the solvent gas in the sandwich panel. The panels produced in our facilities by injecting 42 density polyurethane with high pressure machines and using new generation gas hard foamed 35 mm thick polyurethane provide high heat and sound insulation. Special wall panels are produced by using a neo-off white (fluorescent) gelcoat material that is resistant to ultraviolet rays of +60 degrees sun and -50 degrees of cold inside and outside surfaces. Optional accessories such as table, shelf, sink, blinds, ventilation fan, internal wall partition and additional WC are available. There are legs that allow transport from the bottom with forklift or pallet truck when loading with a crane is not possible.

Since 1986, we have been the choice of the world's leading companies and thousands of people on this path we have set out to offer you the most ideal solution. Do not decide on the cabins you want without looking at Karmod. With Karmod quality, which is carried all over the world, you get the superior quality guarantee at the best prices.

A world-class brand for mobile cabins

Karmod is proud to introduce its wide range of mobile cabins, which are suitable for use in all kinds of locations and for all purposes. It is no coincidence that you will find our cabins as you traverse the streets of Istanbul, London, Abuja, Riyadh, Kuwait, Doha and Paris.

Our mobile cabins are manufactured with modern technology and under strict quality control. The wall and roof panels are injected with polyurethane foam for maximum insulation. The removable structure makes it easy to transport the cabins to any destination. With their outstanding features, detailed solutions, low prices and high quality, Karmod's modular cabins are used as ticket offices, security cabins, module / mobile gatehouses, information points, checkpoints, toll booths, portable toilets and showers.

We have the modular cabin solution for every location!

Karmod Cabin is one of the leading off-site specialists

Founded in 1986, we aim to provide exceptional service, innovative construction solutions and unrivaled modular cabin construction quality for both temporary and permanent portable cabinet applications. Karmod, We are a high performance, financially strong company with a proven track record of providing fast modular cabin solutions to the highest standards in the public and private sectors.

Karmod cabins Our experience in manufacturing innovative, quality, construction type portable cabins, security cabins and dining cabins helps create a complete service for our customers who want something more bespoke in concept and location. Karmod portable cabin designs and manufactures bespoke, quality retail cabin solutions for customers who want permanent space in busy retail environments.

Karmod has built a good reputation over the years of trading. Every manufactured food cabin, food processing cabin, food cabin, retail buffet cabin and retail buffet unit must go through a rigorous quality control process before leaving the factory. Modular portable cabins are designed and manufactured for various applications. School kiosks used to provide additional catering facilities Railway kiosk booths designed, manufactured and installed to meet all railway specifications. Airport sales cabins, designed, manufactured and assembled to meet all airport directives, are the most preferred products in Europe. Container booths that provide a fast and cost effective solution for retail merchandising.

With a history of more than 36 years, Karmod cabin is proud to have broken an impressive record in the field of combining innovative design with high quality, well-designed, cost-effective custom modular cabin production. These conversions cover a wide range of uses for both private and nonprofit customers and public sector customers. From exhibition vehicles to command and incident response vehicles, Karmod provides veterinary applications with pet ambulances and mobile veterinary surgeries.


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