Bullet Proof Guard Shack

Bulletproof safety cabs with maximum safety.

Ballistic Rated Guard Booths are the best solution to protect the entrance of high-risk areas.

Police, Military Bases/Barracks, Prisons, Banks & Airports. High Quality Competitive Prices.

Our easy-to-use bullet-proof safety cabs are manufactured based on international standards and specific requirements of different countries. Bulletproof safety cabins are used by border patrols, customs, embassies and consulates in areas where high security is required.



Bullet Proof Guard Shack, Powerful, Innovative, Reliable

Owner of Karmod for over 36 years. It solves the needs of customers in the market for pre-assembled portable steel buildings. Some of our products include custom bullet proof guard shack valet, parking lot, box office, ticket and security booths, cashier stations, weighbridges, smoking shelters as well as pay shelters.


Karmod's mission statement is very simple: to save your life.

Karmod focus ballistic resistant buildings are designed to protect the people we trust to protect us. If we do not protect them from violent or armed attack, we cannot expect them to protect us, our employees, our property, and perhaps even our families. Karmod bullet proof guard shack can now be seen in many countries, embassies, ministries, factory and commercial buildings, police stations, power stations, military facilities, border posts, banks, mining and oil fields and many other countries for one, two, three, four-person and multiple use. VIP residences from various applications in various countries such as America and England, Vietnam and Germany, India, Ukraine Russia, Iraq and Syria just to name a few


An individual, mobile armored (bullet proof guard shack) sentry post providing comprehensive protection against bullets for security guards from the front and sides. The ideal solution for rapid deployment for access control for sensitive facilities and sites.


Looking for a bulletproof security guard shack or a bulletproof security building? While there really isn't such a thing as "bulletproof," a bulletproof guard post protects occupants (security guards, parking attendants, ticket vendors, etc.). Depending on usage and perceived threat level, Karmod bulletproof enclosures protect against a variety of weapons, from 9mm pistols to automatic assault weapons using armor-piercing bullets.


Ballistic and Explosion Protection Shacks

Karmod manufactures bespoke Lead and Explosion Resistant Protection shack and components to meet customer requirements. By using our certified bulletproof window, wall and door products, we are able to offer ballistic protection to the highest levels. Explosion protection is offered to more stringent petrochemical standards, with location threats of explosions and the resulting large reflected pressures, for terrorist vehicle and hand-delivered explosive events.


The ongoing political, criminal and terrorist threats in today's world require protection against ballistic, explosion and explosion fragmentation threats used worldwide. The most significant terrorist threat comes from international terrorism, with its ambitions to mount high-impact attacks designed for media coverage, often causing mass casualties or property damage.


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