Affordable Housing

What is affordable housing?

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is the name given to the structures made in cases where low priced housing is needed for different reasons. For example, after natural disasters, it is necessary to construct high capacity temporary or permanent structures in a very short time to the region where the disaster occurred. Or this method is one of the most helpful solutions when it is difficult to be a host. There are many different affordable housing methods. Prefabricated, container and steel house systems are the leading ones.
Prefabricated buildings are constructed in a factory environment, which can be produced as a demounted, single storey or monoblock system, combined with modular structure. Prefabricated houses are produced in a very short time. Thanks to their disassembled structure, their shipment is also very easy. They are delivered on-site, ready-to-use, and installed on-site. You can use prefabricated house structures, which can be chosen from dozens of affordable housing models that are specially designed for every need, preference, as your highland house, your vineyard house, your chalet house, your summer house or even your permanent living area.

Steel house structures, which can have different designs at the same time, are among the most preferred affordable housing structures in recent years. Steel houses, which are technically high quality structures, also appeal to your eyes with their designs. They can be easily transported and shipped with their modular structures. As Karmod, we can deliver our steel house structures to all parts of the world by road, airline and sea within very short time. It is possible to design and manufacture single-storey, more cost-effective, small and useful steel houses, as well as the production of luxury and comfortable two-storey or three-storey steel villas with very different aesthetic designs. You can have living spaces intertwined with nature, with steel houses, which are one of the affordable housing structures, suitable for every land you want.

In addition to the high cost of reinforced concrete structures and the length of construction times, the shortage of long-lasting construction times and long-lasting buildings that offer long-term use with confidence have also played a major role in increasing demand for structures such as container houses, which is one of the affordable housing methods. However, container houses are much more environmentally friendly than reinforced concrete structures. In this sense, they offer healthier living spaces as well as affordable and durable living spaces. Materials used in the construction of container houses provide earthquake resistance. It provides high protection in natural disasters such as fire. A wide variety of container sizes are possible, depending on the needs. Container houses, summer houses, winter houses, highland houses or permanent living areas have preferable features in dozens of different areas depending on the optional materials that can be used in its structure.

Karmod has been the world's choice since 1986

Since 1986, thousands of people from tens of countries have preferred Karmod in their company structures and continue to do so. Karmod prefabricated house technologies have been used in many mass housing projects, refugee camps, education buildings, and are still preferred safely.
Thanks to our high production capacity in a very short period of time, we are proud to make thousands of people as homeowners with our building production that can accommodate thousands of people and our structures with superior quality compared to ordinary structures.  Also, as Karmod, we are always with our customers with our after-sales support teams. Affordable housing models with many different plans are subject to different pricing depending on the model. For more detailed information about our affordable housing models designed and produced by Karmod expert engineers and architects with dozens of advantages, you can browse our website and contact us at the relevant phone numbers.



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