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Fast, spacious and flexible temporary office buildings

Karmod is the market leader manufacturer of portable and temporary and permanent modular buildings in Turkey and the World, and offers your organization the perfect temporary office buildings for working, learning or living. From single portable temporary office buildings to stylish and inspiring multi-storey design and building structures, our temporary and permanent modular building solutions are built offsite to the highest standards in quality controlled environments before being fully fitted and delivered to your exact requirements.

Whether you need single temporary prefabricated office buildings or large-scale permanent modular office buildings, portable offices offer the perfect modern solution. Regardless of the modular building size, there are many benefits to using modular construction for your temporary office units.

Whether you are looking for a small temporary office cabin space or a complete temporary office complex, a portable temporary office offers all the benefits of a permanent fixture. Our portable temporary offices can be ready up to 75% faster than a conventionally constructed building, with the added benefit of being portable for complete flexibility.

Choose your temporary modular building use, from portable modern office buildings to temporary offices, modular classrooms and nurseries for larger workforces or temporary hospitals and clinics, our temporary building range has something for every project.

Temporary modular office buildings from the market leader

No matter how ambitious your Modular Building project is, our temporary prefabricated office designs are suitable for all time periods. Each steel frame is durable for 50 years and is made of durable materials to withstand the weather. With our modular solutions, you can increase or decrease the number of portable temporary office building units as your needs change. Much has changed from the old idea of ​​modular office and the modern portable temporary office provides the comfort and design you expect in contemporary office buildings. It is also a sustainable modular office solution thanks to less waste and off-site production.

While many companies have to wait months for their buildings, our portable temporary offices can be ready in a matter of days, complete with plumbing, electrical and interior plumbing. You can rest assured that your operations will not be disturbed while we continue to work in our temporary office premises.

Whether it's a luxury executive space or a simple modern office unit for temporary members of your workforce, we typically deliver modular office buildings within a few days. Our temporary office building complexes can be ready up to 65% faster than a conventionally constructed building, saving you a lot of time, money and the hassle of managing workplace challenges.

A better temporary modular office buildings for all

With over 36 years of experience in building portable temporary office buildings, you can rely on Karmod no matter what modular office building size you need and whether it's temporary or long-term. When you purchase a portable temporary office building in Karmod, you will have access to our full range of services. We will design the entire temporary modular office building construction project, from design to planning applications, connection and aftercare. We even get it back when you're done.

With year-round availability, you'll find affordable portable temporary offices that fit your budget and flexibility needs. Whether it's temporary office buildings, purchasing a bespoke new office building or a refurbished Karmod modular office already owned, we'll deliver exactly what you need. Our industry experts bring over 36 years of experience helping customers just like you. Talk to us today for a faster, cheaper and more sustainable portable temporary office building alternative.

We are with you to facilitate your project by offering the most suitable accommodation solution for your needs. If you are ready to discuss your Temporary Modular office building solution, please contact now or learn how to manage a modular office building project with Karmod.


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