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The best Modular Dorms and Student Accommodation buildings

Karmod offers you a better way to build your modular student accommodation building. Traditional construction schedules are significantly shortened as the modules of your student accommodation building project are built at our factory while foundation construction is completed on-site. It saves you money and significantly shortens ready-to-move time.

Despite Tuition in Education hikes and rising student debt, most universities continue to expand enrollments, causing demand and occupancy rates for modular student accommodation to continue to rise. He also finds a strong correlation between universities and students living on school campuses and increased academic achievement. Students living among like-minded individuals tend to build stronger support systems, take advantage of on-campus support services, and take on more academic responsibilities at university.

The student accommodation building concept produced by Karmod combines the ongoing needs of universities with the current student housing trends and the benefits of modular student accommodation to provide additional modular housing for their students. By constructing the Student Housing Unit modules off-site while simultaneously completing the on-site construction, the modular student accommodation process can save both time and money. Universities can serve growing student populations while keeping student accommodation building construction costs low.

Modular Accommodation Buildings for Growing Student Populations

More than ever before, Students are choosing to go to university. And it is predicted that these student numbers will continue to increase. According to the National Center for Education Statistics:

The increase in the number of Students studying at universities may mean that you are planning to build new modular student accommodation on your campus. However, you probably know from experience that traditional construction causes long disruptions to your campus and is notoriously subject to delays.

If your modular student accommodation building and modular dormitory buildings are not ready on time for the new term, you will not only lose the rental income of those students, but also you will have a logistical headache. All these newly enrolled college students have to live somewhere. When you can't find accommodation, will you help them find temporary accommodation? This can be difficult to find in some places. It can also be more expensive than a dormitory, leading to unhappy students or perhaps some college students dropping out because they can't afford the rent. Alternatively, you can overcrowd your existing dorms.

Both options are bad, so it's best to rely on the timely completion of your modular student accommodation building or modular dormitory building to accommodate these new students! Fortunately, there is a better way at Karmod: Modular accommodation structures for student dormitories.

Greener, Faster and Smarter Modular Student Accommodation

Modular structure is a kind of prefabricated steel structure. Depending on the design of the modular student housing building and your modular dormitory, each module may consist of one or more dormitory rooms, or a dormitory room plus a bathroom, or many other room configurations. Inside, each room module comes on site, already equipped according to your requirements. This includes Modular container building systems, fire suppression systems, doors, carpets, lighting, bathroom fixtures, kitchen appliances, cabinets etc. may contain.

Modular student accommodation buildings are manufactured in a factory away from your site. The modular container rooms are then transported to the campus area and placed by crane on the pre-prepared foundation. Stacked modules container rooms are interconnected and connected to local utilities.

The resulting modular student accommodation building is indistinguishable from a traditionally built dormitory – but it's faster to build and involves far less downtime! it costs very affordable price.

Unlike the modular dormitory rooms for mid-21st century college students now, contemporary student housing design is increasingly high-quality, technology-driven, and anticipates the ever-changing needs of students, parents, and universities. Recent student accommodation design trends include suite-style units, hands-on learning environments, high-quality activity and study spaces, and social corridors. Modular student accommodation buildings have strong potential to make these design elements easier, faster and more cost-effective.


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