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Superior Modular Building for Labor Staff Accommodation

Our first Staff accommodation buildings and Modular labor camp project production was established in 1986 in Turkey. and we do Staff accommodation projects in 132 countries. Building major breakthroughs in speed to market, quality construction, risk reduction and profitability for Prefab Staff accommodation buildings and workforce housing complexes. If you are looking for affordable prefabricated staff accommodation buildings, temporary or permanent, look no further than Modular Karmod. We produce modular bunk beds and dormitory accommodation buildings that can be used for many different purposes.

Our modern, innovative modular technology combines Prefab Staff accommodation buildings on-site construction with precision off-site factory assembly line production. Conventional timings are significantly shortened as modular staff accommodation units are built for your project at our facility, and fieldwork and foundation construction are completed at the same time. We help you have more control over project quality, scheduling and results line in Staff accommodation buildings.

Karmod has over 36 years of international experience in designing, constructing, delivering and constructing modular remote site facilities and staff accommodation buildings. Karmod's repositionable modular staff accommodation buildings and labor camp complexes are scalable and specially designed to provide maximum utility, comfort and long service life regardless of the size of your project.

Offsite Solution for Affordable Staff Accommodation Buildings

Meeting the Staff accommodation buildings and Remote Workforce Housing needs of any temporary facility is a customized experience. Some geographic locations require accommodations that can withstand sub-zero temperatures, ice, snow and high winds. Other projects require housing that can withstand extreme heat, humidity, swamp-like conditions, pests and rain. Whatever your project requires, we can provide or find the right solution. The important thing is that the Staff accommodation buildings are suitable for the climate, space available, local permits, basic and comfort requirements you demand. There are many options available, we will work with you to determine the best approach.

We approach each project in a special way as it has staff accommodation buildings and labor camps, temporary housing, remote housing, remote hotels, workforce housing, employee housing, workers housing, modular housing, mobile housing and unique features. The most important thing is that the specified modular housing meets the customer's needs. It is not in anyone's interest to offer an "off-the-shelf" assembly line solution that will require major setbacks in the future.

Our prefabricated staff accommodation buildings and our Remote accommodation consist of modular buildings that can be easily transported and repurposed. Each modular building is designed and manufactured to be disassembled and staff accommodation buildings constructed to withstand the rigors of travel when repositioning and reuse are required. Karmod's large-scale Staff accommodation buildings and remote housing facilities offer maximum durability, efficient design and optimum living space and can be constructed as single or multi-level prefabricated modular structures.

Karmod labor camps and staff accommodation buildings have most of the standard amenities found in destination hotels, including:

Remote Workforce Staff Accommodation and Modular Work Camps

With Karmod's production facilities in Turkey, we can manufacture our modular workforce buildings and staff accommodation buildings as close to your location as possible to ensure a fast turnaround time. It is a critical component to the success of any oil, gas, mining, government, hydroelectric power station, pipeline, highway construction, hydraulic fracturing, trucking, highway, military or construction project.

Modular Staff Accommodation Buildings: Prefabricated modular buildings are ideal for use in accommodation dorms, bunk beds, labor camps and wherever you need flexible, functional living spaces where you need them. Public and private contractors often use it as temporary living quarters for construction, Oil Gas field drilling and mining sites in remote locations.

Modular staff accommodation buildings benefits: Cost/Time Savings – The modular construction process reduces design and construction costs by 40% to 50% and cuts the construction timeline in half. Many projects can be produced and installed in less than 60 days. The "modules" are produced off-site, transported by truck to the construction site and placed in place by crane, shortening the entire process by months. Quality Control – Modular Staff accommodation buildings are built to tougher tolerances with the same or better building materials and meet or exceed modular building, safety and occupancy codes. The construction process is precise, using accurate measurements to minimize waste and regular quality inspections. Materials are carefully monitored and stored safely and securely; this would be easy to do on an exposed construction site.

Staff accommodation buildings innovative design capability – Like traditional buildings, modular buildings constructed from steel construction materials can be designed to blend in aesthetically with the surrounding structures. Facades can be finished in cut stone, brick, plaster, siding and a wide variety of other finishes. Staff accommodation buildings: Portable modular buildings can be quickly deployed to get businesses up and running as soon as possible after a fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane or other devastating natural disaster. Staff accommodation buildings are sustainable: Prefabricated Modular buildings can be enhanced with eco-friendly insulation, energy efficient facilities and low floor and wall applications to reduce the environmental impact of the building.


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