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Solar Kiosk Solutions - Advanced, Innovative and Robust

Multi-Use Mobile Modular Solar Kiosks With our 36 years of production experience and state-of-the-art production system, as Karmod, we produce Solar kiosks for you.

Brilliant idea with Solar kiosk we produce:

Karmod Solar Kiosks and Solar Energy Power Remote Areas

Turning on the lights, kiosks, going to the store, operating the bakery: We take our energy-powered conveniences for granted. Nearly one in five people on the planet lack access to power for basic needs such as lighting, heating, cooking, transportation and telecommunications, as well as clean water, sanitation and healthcare.

In developing countries, just charging a mobile device may require a two-day hike to a nearby village, and basic services consume up to 45% of annual income. Building roads, laying cables, and developing the infrastructure necessary for conventional electrical grids in these areas is cost prohibitive. How can people in remote areas benefit from a reliable source of energy?

The answer is in the sky, with the Karmod Solar kiosk.

Robust, easy and cost-effective solar solution for modern stand-alone shops in remote areas.

Equipped with solar panels and batteries, the Sunshine Kiosk is the ideal solution for developing a business in remote off-grid areas. A wide variety of configurations are available to meet the needs of the planned business: lighting, phone charging, TV, cooling and internet service.

Karmod solar kiosk empowers communities

For about 17% of the world's population, most social and economic activities virtually cease at nightfall. 1.7 billion people worldwide have to live without electricity – 700 million of them in Africa alone. Ironically, these "off-grid households" spend an average of 45% of all their income on non-sustainable alternative energy sources such as kerosene, diesel generators, coal and dry cell batteries - a significant hazard to health and the environment.

With clean solar energy and an inclusive business model, Karmod Solar kiosks provide energy supply, connectivity and communication even in remote areas. Kiosks give local people the opportunity to acquire new skills and gain economic stability, protect their health and the environment, and gain direct access to global markets without censorship or financial control by governments or companies.

Engineering for Exchange with Solar kiosk

Electrical components are centrally sourced and pre-assembled to ensure quality and durability, while all other materials can be produced and assembled locally. Karmod solar kiosks has established local manufacturing facilities in Ethiopia, Kenya and Ghana, covering both East and West Africa. Karmod Solar Kiosks support and develop low-income communities and improve the lives of millions of people economically, ecologically and socially.

Karmod Solar Kiosks is currently expanding its business, providing power supplies and space to customers such as telecommunication mast providers, refugee camps, health stations, schools and other purposes. Karmod Solar Kiosks encourage creativity and enable low-income communities to create their own value chains. An operator in Kenya uses clean energy supplied by Karmod Solar Kiosks and has expanded its business to power a neighboring restaurant, a butcher shop (both need solar cooling) and a movie theater.


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