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Quick Site Toilet Containers for large events

Karmod has been providing fast and reliable service in the production of toilet bowls for more than 36 years. We have a large fleet of portable toilets and toilet trailers. We can provide the toilet facilities needed for any event, large or small, and for any construction process. We have many different styles and types of portable site toilet bowls and sinks for every outdoor event. We can serve you by day, weekend, week or month. Site toilet bowls and shower units are ideal for a wide variety of businesses, including shipping companies, seasonal workers and tenants on rental estates, as well as construction sites where there is a legal requirement to provide recreational facilities.


Toilet Container for Overseas Mining and Oil Camping Projects

If you are a charity, mining or exploration company or charity, you will often need accommodation and social facilities in remote parts of the world. Flat pack site toilet containers can be transported in shipping containers and installed quickly and easily to provide a comfortable stay away from home on arrival.

The Construction Industry covers many different sectors such as residential construction, government projects, utilities, civil engineering infrastructure projects, the need for site toilet containers. Each of these areas has different needs, for example home builders range from large publicly traded companies developing sites with hundreds of units to self-builders building their homes on a single plot of land.

Best Construction and site toilet containers

Single to six site toilet shower containers units are compact, easy to deliver and can be transported by forklift. They are extremely popular, especially among small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) that need to provide toilet facilities in remote locations. Other options include steel multi-cell site toilet shower caps units that are perfect for harsh environments, and mobile toilets that offer water and energy saving features. Also, with good planning, going to the toilet can be as quick as possible. Therefore, people can access each Site WC container from outside. Similarly, you can quickly deploy the mobile plumbing system in many different locations. Therefore, these are ideal for large outdoor events such as music festivals that last several days. Similarly, these offer the best comfort for special sporting events.

Site toilet bowls that we produce provide sanitary facilities in camp areas, common areas and backstage areas. But the portable toilet bowl is also suitable for setting up temporary clinics or special charity projects. It may also prove to be a quick and clean solution in this context. We specifically design extremely robust Container Toilets for large, multi-day events in venues with limited toilet facilities


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