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Safe, professional construction site office building installation

Karmod has an excellent track record of providing a wide range of single and multi-storey modular construction site office buildings to tier 1 construction contractors and regional construction companies worldwide. Since 1986, Karmod has been supporting construction companies across the country with its robust and reliable construction site office and accommodation buildings. You can buy everything you need for your complete site installation, including fully integrated modular building complex, portable site offices, accommodation and canteens, from Karmod. Social assistance units, toilets, eating areas, sleeping accommodation, changing rooms, warehouses and cigarette shelters and all necessary helpers for a smoothly running site.

Buy your complete site setup from Karmod, all construction sites need mobile/construction site offices that are durable and functional in all weather and construction site conditions. Karmod Modular offers a wide variety of site office buildings, floor plans, configurations, options and accessories to suit your needs, including modular site office buildings in single and double storey widths. Karmod modular also offers a wide range of new ready-to-use job site office buildings for purchase. So you can find your perfect job site office for sale with high quality. We can customize your construction/site office to suit your needs.

Think Different, Build Better with Offsite Construction

A fully integrated modular construction site office buildings with all the amenities you will ever need. A Karmod modular building offers you all the necessary requirements under one roof. Manufactured and delivered and installed as a single, double or three-story office building, it is the perfect solution for a larger or smaller workforce. A Karmod modular building can be installed on site and ready for use within weeks. Large open space can include construction site offices, smaller offices, meeting room, kitchen, canteen, induction room, training room, reception area, playroom, prayer room, toilets and showers.

For more ideas, please take a look at the planning Let's plan your construction site office building layout together

Starting a new site office project requires planning and preparation. It's important to set up your construction site office and prepare the right project and paperwork before the project begins. Get a custom designed modular Site office quickly and efficiently and showcase your professional image

Providing high-quality temporary or permanent office buildings to meet the ever-changing needs of the construction industry remains the bread and butter of portable offices service.

From official site office and accommodation and comfortable eating and recreation areas to toilet and shower facilities and site security units, Portable site offices offer affordable temporary, portable site office buildings to meet the needs of any construction job or site. Better still, our expert modular site office building designs can be tailored to your construction needs.

Get custom-designed site office buildings quickly and efficiently

A construction site office can make effective use of space in a limited work environment. Available in a variety of sizes, a job site office can provide solutions to many work problems by enabling clients to take advantage of the space and capacity of an existing or new work environment. A construction site office can provide employees with a comfortable and durable workspace to maximize business potential and standards. A construction site office can be viewed prior to delivery with the aid of video footage and pictures to ensure that it meets the requirements needed for the purposes of the office. Prior to delivery, the job site office is thoroughly cleaned and tested to a high standard by professional staff members, ensuring high quality from start to finish and is delivered immediately ready for use on the day of purchase.

When you order portable site office buildings, you also guarantee fast, efficient installation with minimal damage to the space.

The construction site office and modular locker rooms and change office container units come pre-assembled and are equipped with pre-installed plumbing fixtures. You can customize your dressing room or replace the office container with additional amenities. If you are looking for construction site office buildings with highly insulated panels, we also have various wall systems available.


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