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Office and site accommodation buildings from market leaders

Karmod is the most preferred leading company in the world in office and site accommodation buildings. Modular buildings are portable prefabricated buildings used to provide office and social facilities during construction projects. Affordable office and site accommodation buildings can be used as stand-alone units or combined to form single or multi-storey complexes. Modular office and site accommodation buildings allow for the appropriate location of vital support functions and management on the construction site where they can be most effective.

Talk to our office and site accommodation experts for a range of modular building ideas. In modular office and site accommodation buildings for toilet blocks, dining rooms, dormitory and dormitory buildings, changing rooms, secure storage and more. We also offer vandal-proof construction site modular buildings and robust units for maximum safety – perfect for construction sites.

Explore our range of site office accommodation

Karmod's secure and modular site accommodation offers a range of onsite facilities including portable offices, canteens, toilets and showers, drying rooms and more. Portable accommodation units are available in various sizes on our site. Our portable prefabricated site office accommodation buildings provide the ideal space and comfort needed for your workforce and can be combined with your storage, canteen and drying room needs.

Modular office and site accommodation buildings mean that we understand the needs and challenges of on-site living and have a wide range of solutions to match. Thirty-five years of expertise have helped us build relationships with many of the world's leading construction contractors, so you can talk to us about your entire jobsite modular office and site accommodation needs. We can help you with modular buildings of all types, from flame retardant fire resistant modular buildings and vandal resistant prefabricated buildings to construction site offices and social security units.

A complete office and site accommodation solution

From Karmod to modular office and site accommodation buildings, from storage containers to security doors, portable toilets and showers and changing rooms, you can buy everything you need for your site from Karmod at an affordable price, as long as you need it.

We are very experienced in delivering only the essentials, such as a site office accommodation container, a portable toilet unit and a construction site building, to all construction site sites and accommodation villages, which consist of many connected and stacked units. We even have standard site office layout project plans with the most popular features in our Site office and accommodation container fleet, so we can deliver what you need even faster and at an affordable price.

Consistent quality, On time, on budget, site office and accommodation

You are looking for office and site accommodation in a layout that suits you. We offer site office and site accommodation buildings in a wide variety of sizes and features, including our market-leading Karmod modular building series, specifically designed for temporary and permanent use. Karmod provides almost endless space and flexible office layout configurations for your temporary site layout. Also, traditional modular buildings are faster and easier to set up, as they require minimal foundations.

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Our Temporary and Permanent construction site office and site accommodation is robust, durable and resistant to attacks that deters unwanted attention. As stand-alone units, affordable vandal-proof office and site accommodation buildings can be placed almost anywhere on the site as it is a prefabricated modular building, grouped together or separately, and linked and stacked to create larger facilities as your developments grow.

Modular Office and Site Accommodation Buildings for Comfort

Our construction site office and site accommodation buildings are designed with comfort in mind. We have a wide range of single-sex and combination portable toilet blocks and maintenance units to accommodate hundreds of construction company sites, shopkeepers and site visitors. Our temporary and permanent construction site office and site accommodation modular buildings can come with all the turnkey features you need for a comfortable, practical and safe construction site.


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