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We offer the world's Preferred range of site accommodation

Karmod site accommodation is the only manufacturer in Europe in the field of site accommodation and mobile space systems with its 31.000 square meter production factory and 300 employees for more than 36 years in the production of Cabins and Containers. As Karmod company, like our customers, we benefit from first-class expertise. Thanks to our new technology, we produce 12.000 units of accommodation cabins and containers per year for big companies in 132 countries of the world! Trust Karmod when it comes to site accommodation cabins and containers! As a Karmod company, you benefit from first-class experience, innovation and quality! Whether it's a job site cabin, modular site accommodation or a complete modular building: The possible uses of our Modular Cabins and containers are as diverse as the equipment options! Send your non-binding inquiry to us now!

Are you looking for a flexible and ready-made residential space solution for your construction site? Take advantage of our many customized venue concepts. From portable site accommodation cabins to sanitary cabins and portable WC cabins to storage containers: we have the right job site cabin for your project. Made in Turkey, flexibly expandable, easy to install and personal advice on the spot: With Karmod you benefit from the first contact until the realization of your project!

Karmod site accommodation containers and cabins offer space solutions for construction, industry, trade and commerce. It provides quality housing estate cabins, offices as well as worker accommodation, social rooms and production facilities quickly and as needed. Depending on the requirements, they can be used on your job site temporarily or for a longer period of time. Regardless of whether you want to purchase your estate accommodation cabin, you can choose from the following products.

Temporary Site Accommodation for Construction Sector

Are you looking for a weatherproof estate housing and construction office, a quiet meeting room, shared container room solution or secure storage space? Then get Karmod expert advice as a construction site accommodation container and cabinet manufacturer! All available equipment options, such as our windowed quick-assembly site accommodation containers and cabins, and all container and cabin types and sizes can be found below. All information regarding delivery and financing is also provided.

Equipment in site accommodation containers and cabins can be customized quickly and easily according to every need. Thanks to the insulated sandwich panel system, our modules are flexible and the door or window elements can be positioned separately. In addition, thanks to our panel system, the relocation of the entire modular structure can be made easily.

Thanks to the modular design of the site accommodation containers and cabins used by Karmod, there are almost no limits when it comes to interior space. Thanks to flexible wall systems, an individual room layout perfectly adapted to your needs can be achieved quickly and easily.

Is this modular design sturdy enough for a site lodging cabin? Yes, because we use only high-quality materials in the manufacture of our containers and cabinets, so the products we offer are robust, durable and optimally insulated.

Affordable Site Accommodation Cabins and Containers For Sale

There are many different uses of site accommodation container and cabin units as construction site accommodation at construction sites. These include site offices, shower blocks, toilets, drying rooms, canteens and sleeper cabins. This helpful guide will outline some of the most important aspects of good job site layout and what you need to be sure of before installing site lodging cabins and containers on your job site.

Site accommodation made of high-strength metal Containers and cabins must be robust and durable. Since many construction sites are inevitably exposed to weather conditions, accommodation must be able to withstand rain, snow, sleet, wind and other factors.

Also, with so many hardened machinery and vehicles in the environment, site accommodation benefits from being protective of its inhabitants. For example, if the work truck pinches the building while passing by the site accommodation container, the accommodation should not be easily damaged. Fortunately, steel galvanized containers are extremely durable.

Building site offices and on-site accommodation containers is a big undertaking – there are people to manage, materials to order, store and use, and mountains of paperwork. Karmod can control everything using experience and mobile technology. In practice, a site office is essential as a place to stay at the pinnacle of efficient project execution. Placing construction site accommodation modular container buildings in front of the construction site sets the tone for inbound work crews, delivery drivers and visitors.

Site accommodation and Construction areas range from a modest home remodel of a family home to large green space sites for offices or residences. Then there are all the other major construction projects like building bridges or dams that we classify as civil engineering.

Site accommodation project or a construction project is like conducting a military operation and effective delivery needs command headquarters provided by a Construction Site container. Big or small, all these construction sites have one common need: temporary office space. Placing a construction crew on site takes planning, logistics and organization. An onsite mobile office trailer is the solution for managing a site and all related management tasks, from business pages to meeting with inspectors, owners and visitors.


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