150 x 150 - Security Hut

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Security Hut and GRP Portable Security Huts

Karmod has over 36 years of experience in the development and manufacture of Fiberglass GRP multi-purpose security huts, security modular gatehouse , portable parking kiosks, enclosures and waiting/pay prefab shelters.

At Karmod, we manufacture a wide range of fiberglass FRP security huts and portable security kiosks made from a single mold. Our FRP security huts are manufactured from standard FRP materials or Class 2 fire retardant resins.

All our modular security huts are available in a full range of RAL colors at no extra cost; this means that your security huts blend in with their surroundings or stand out.

Our larger security huts are manufactured using multiples of our modular security huts which are then triple sealed to ensure they are waterproof and secure.

Karmod GRP security huts offer a safe location for security detail to protect personal property from vandalism, theft, public safety and liability. Designed by award-winning builder and designer

Karmod manufactures GRP security huts, so they are not available anywhere else. Whether for construction site, private property, shopping mall or corporate building, GRP security huts will look gorgeous and allow the security detail to have a full view of the property while being protected from changing weather conditions.

GRP security huts are perfect for securing any location and also add value. Fiberglass GRP security huts are an excellent choice for securing landmarks, stadiums, hotels, museums, estates and more.

Security Hut was designed and built by Karmod for high-level security and ticket office locations. This watch box is architecturally designed using high fiberglass materials to add sophistication and value to any space.

This 2 square meter to 20 square meter luxury security cabin features a lockable door, lockable windows with 3 operable screens and a Braun thermostat heater.

The Security Hut is a specially designed extra-large protection cabinet that will add value to any space. This is the ideal rental for security or ticket office needs. Built using high fiberglass raw materials, it provides the highest level of security as well as a gorgeous looking architecture.

Security Hut has plenty of room for one to four security guards. It also has space for a desk, chair and filing cabinet to make it work as an efficient portable workspace on the jobsite. Constructed from durable weatherproof fiberglass, The security huts can be used in any season.


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