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Excellence Security Guard Cabins

Among all the most successful in the Prefab safety cabin market in the world, we have earned the reputation of being the most reliable choice in this business segment. With an innovative manufacturing process and the most comprehensive range of prefabricated security cabins and products, Karmod has been the main force that strengthens industries and commercial organizations and increases their liberation capabilities. Karmod's security guard room / security guard cabins are one of the most exclusive quality Karmod cabin products that are produced and shipped in 132 countries around the world and almost all over Turkey. These modular security guard cabins are offered as prefabricated security cabins with Polyurethane and EPS insulated panels. Manufactured by Karmod, the best security guard room manufacturers, these guard posts are used to provide the most convenient and safe facilities for security guards to stay and spy on visitors and persons entering the factory building, warehouse, trade complex buildings. offices, institutions and similar places.

Karmod high-end safety cabins are produced especially from fiberglass high-insulation polyurethane panels, which is a distinctive feature in itself. The product has tremendous utility in Government, Corporations and Embassies/Commissions and they are now set up by people who keep security guard cabins. As a small shelter for the security guard cabins, it protects them from climatic changes. Being 100% waterproof / fireproof and portable makes it a desirable product.

Security guard cabins are used for many purposes such as coast guard, ticket offices, industry and residential. They are spacious with the option of windows and security locks. Cabins are lightweight and resistant to all weather conditions. Karmod Modular cabins are high quality, portable cabins for use as Security Guard cabins, Gatehouse Booths, Ticket sales booths and much more. It is similar in structure to our Karmod metal steel cabins, but instead, these prefabricated security cabins made of steel can be offered with a number of alternative outer coatings, including outer coating white paint and special materials resistant to sunlight.

Security guard cabins or portable Guard Kiosks is a standard range of portable security booths consisting of portable Security Booths, mobile Guard Booths, Portable Ticket Kiosks, Portable Watch Boxes and many more modular Booths or Kiosks. Our Portable Security Booth is ideal for keeping a site secure, such as modular prefab office buildings, or is perfect for a parking lot ticket outlet operated by a security cabins.


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