215 x 270 - Security Suard Booth

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Highest Quality & Best Variety of Guard Cabins

We are Karmod company with more than 36 years of experience and knowledge in the prefabricated modular building industry. Our company provides a professional, personalized service that is unmatched in the industry. Ideal for controlling access to private communities or events, industrial facilities or parking areas. It produces special modular guard cabin units created according to your specifications. Standard and custom designed prefabricated security guard cabins and shelters Guard Cabin, Guard Cabin with Toilet, Security Cabin, Bus Stops/Smoking Shelter, Operator Cabin, Ticket Cabin, Standard and Special Design Cabin, Full Engineering Services, Specified Offer ...

We provide security guard booth solution for airport police.

The prefab security guard cabin is recognized in the industry as the highest quality with great attention to detail and finishing work. Manufactured from fiberglass GRP and polyurethane materials, we are able to offer the customer a Security guard cabin that will last for many years to come. One of the most important things to consider when parsing a guard cabinet is whether it meets Security guard cabinet codes and state requirements. Where the security guard cabin is used: Provided international prefabricated buildings and stands for Military Entrance Gate, Waste Water Treatment Plant, Parking Lot Control, Environmental Security and Warehouse. Control projects, among others. Some of our clients are government agencies such as the Department of Defense and the State Department, military branches such as the Military Air Force and the state Army, colleges and universities, and companies. manufactures durable, cost-effective Security guard booth, Guard Shack, Guard House, Security Booth, Bus Stop Shelter and Smoking Shelter solutions for customers nationwide. We offer full engineering services by designing standard and custom prefabricated modular Cabins. Our Guard Cabins, Our Security Buildings...

Typical Applications

Access Control Booth, Guard booth, Parking Attendant Booth, Ticket booth, Gas Station Kiosk, Information booth, Explosion Proof Security Building, cashier booth, Guard Shelter, Security Building, Ticket sales booth, Security guard Booth, Guard Station


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