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The Most Durable Remote Workforce Shelter & Man Camp Systems

Karmod has designed and produced more than 1,500 engineering products, Modular buildings and Remote labor camp systems used worldwide. We have produced and tested hundreds of prefabricated building designs in a comprehensive effort to develop the ultimate Modular building and Remote workforce camp solution that will meet any functional or environmental challenge.

Complete workforce camp shelter systems for remote operations. Scalable workforce man camp designs provide project flexibility. Low flat pack container packaging, fast installation and energy efficient modular buildings provide significant cost savings.

Modular labor camps are custom built for extreme weather conditions. Rugged, highly isolated, architecture provides power without delay in site preparation. Field-tested as a workforce camp shelter in 132 countries around the world to meet and exceed the needs of any industry.

Highly insulated and well-designed remote workforce residences will significantly increase your workers' productivity in the field. Many companies applied to Karmod Turkey for the development and installation of these “man camps”.

As Karmod, we have years of experience in creating environments where employees feel close to home. We believe this is an integral part of the success of any remote camp operation and we have focused our work on creating the best temporary communities available in the modular building industry.

We are working to maintain modular buildings and human camp services at the highest level in the world and to stand out from the competition with our service level and quality. Karmod builds modular remote workforce residences that will allow your employees to have a work and rest balance.

Unrivaled Expertise World-Class Remote Workforce Camp Buildings

Comprehensive remote labor camps and modular field buildings have been built by Karmod and thousands of customers for thirty-six years. This diversified and independent review of over a thousand modular building designs has provided critical information for the development of our permanent modular building systems. Karmod has achieved this knowledge and purpose by combining 21st century engineering skills with structural integrity principles based on experience and time.

Karmod's modular buildings and remote workforce camp systems are modular, easy to install and uniquely suited to house people and equipment working in remote and harsh environments worldwide. Whether for oil gas, Mining Commercial, industrial or government applications, all of our modular structures are customized to meet the exact needs of your project requirements and are designed to meet the security loads of your site. By focusing on application-specific design, we can scale and configure our modular build systems up to large remote workforce camp systems of up to 10,000 people to meet the requirements of small remote workforce camps for mineral or oil and gas exploration.

Our customers all over the world have been successfully providing modular building services by Karmod for more than 36 years. Our engineered modular buildings and remote workforce camp systems have been proven time and again by companies in the following industries:

Restaurants and Dining Halls, Recreation Centers, Work Offices, Accommodation and Dormitories, Labor Housing, Medical Clinics, Laundry Units, Shower and Toilet Facilities, Desert Camps, Survival Shelters, Labor Camps, Construction Camps, Remote Camps, Base Camps, Research Camps , Emergency Response and Disaster Relief Camps, Mineral and Mineral Exploration, Oil and Gas, Infrastructure and Superstructure Construction, Transportation and Public Works, Aviation and Airport Operations, Industrial Production, Education and School Districts, Emergency Shelters and Fire Services, Church and Religious Institutions

Comfortable Remote Workforce Living in the Camps

At Karmod, we believe temporary remote workforce housing shouldn't feel temporary. That's why we're dedicated to providing clean, efficient and comfortable oilfield man camps that feel like a working community rather than a temporary remote workforce accommodation. Similar to an all-inclusive hotel, Karmod focuses on details and offers five-star hospitality and remote workforce hosting services. With new developments in oilfield technologies, the increase in the number of workers creates a shortage of remote labor housing options. Combining its subject expertise with innovation and flexibility, Karmod can design and build remote workforce man camps that are tailored to suit the needs of your operation and the workers who will determine its success. We also provide top quality remote workforce camp management while supplying and distributing critical goods and services daily to keep it running smoothly.

Remote workforce camp designs will work as efficiently as possible, investment and planning with the right service providers are crucial to maintaining operational efficiency, health and manpower costs. Expert management in the prefabricated modular building production area prevents the operations from being adversely affected by preventable problems caused by inadequate facilities. We do our work to the highest standards so your people in the field can do the same. Shelter in remote workforce camps or hostile environments is a crucial element of any expeditionary operation or deployment. Providing safe, comfortable, well-maintained modular camp living spaces is vital for the safety of personnel, while at the same time protecting morale and mental health at a fundamental level.


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