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Prefabricated Built-in Modular Lunchrooms and Break Halls

Karmod Modular Building Systems, We have been designing, manufacturing and installing Prefab modular buildings for over thirty-six years. With Karmod's modular building systems, prefabricated lunchrooms and cafeterias can be built in a much shorter time than traditional construction. With two production facilities in Turkey, we have proudly served the best companies in 132 countries of the world, both large and small.

Modular break rooms and prefabricated lunchrooms in the factory provide a comfortable space for employees to take a break during busy work days. A modular break room/lunchroom, consisting of individual components (walls, ceiling panels, doors, windows, etc.) prefabricated off-site, can be assembled and installed on site in as little as one week. Combined partition systems, which are modular in factory modular break rooms and prefab lunchrooms, feature exceptional usability with high quality design and engineering, solid construction and superior ease of installation. We offer you a quality solution for your space or accommodation needs in our site offices and prefabricated lunchrooms, Oil Gas and Mining camps and prefabricated worker residences designed for user comfort. With years of experience, we have gained the knowledge and skills needed to provide our customers with the best and easiest prefabricated lunchrooms and modular construction process possible.

Best Portable Lunchrooms and Dynamic Modular Structures

Our portable construction industry options are innovative in design, ranging from high-performance jobsite offices and portable lunchrooms to complete facility solutions. Our portable, prefabricated buildings provide significant flexibility thanks to their modular design. Portable lunchrooms can be equipped or furnished with auxiliary materials, and our flexible arrangements allow you to add, change or remove modular buildings as your project needs change.

Benefits of Modular Office Breakroom and Portable Lunchrooms

Built-in modular offices for prefab lunchrooms and break rooms are designed to be installed in production facilities or other industrial spaces for a safe, climate and sound controlled breakout space. They can be standalone or designed to include one or more of the pre-existing walls of a prefab lunchroom building.

The prefab lunchroom is a great addition to your facility, providing a place for your employee to take a break as well as eat. This prefab lunchroom can be easily added to your facility with the fast and efficient modular building methods we have perfected over the last 36 years.

Having a clean prefab lunchroom and a place for your staff to rest during a busy day is critical to getting the most out of your staff. We can design and build a prefab lunchroom, break room or coffee area with an industrial feel or even a 2022s look.

We can make your dreams come true by using any of our hundreds of exterior and interior paint colors produced from steel construction materials with hundreds of options and styles on the walls. In prefabricated lunchrooms, we can design your break room with microwave ovens, vending machines, sinks, cleaning areas and cabinet areas. Using our integrated power/data channels, you can even use the room for cable television to provide a comfortable environment for your employees.

Portable Lunchrooms and Crib Rooms for Sale at Affordable Prices

Portable lunchrooms come with all the essentials, giving your team a space to take a break and get back to being productive on the jobsite. In addition to air conditioning, our portable buildings can be equipped or furnished with ancillary items such as refrigerators (both bar and full size), tables and chairs, cake warmers and microwave ovens.

Our system is designed to install faster than any product in the industry. We realize that business interruption is a cost that is often not considered when purchasing a product. Our walls are so simple that they can be installed while your business processes are running, with little or no downtime. Karmod Portable lunchroom is dedicated to creating modular products that will allow you to maximize space and not be hampered by the typical headaches, downtime and mess found in traditional construction methods.

Portable lunchrooms Be it mining or construction site, factory or warehouse… If you need more private dining room space, portable lunchrooms are the most cost-effective and efficient solution for your workforce in a modular, prefabricated, portable building. Karmod manufactures prefabricated lunchrooms for all levels of government, building, infrastructure, mining and commercial sector customers as well as many portable building companies. Portable lunchrooms are designed according to your staff size needs, whether it is a large facility for six or three hundred people, Karmod's Portable lunchrooms are fully finished kitchenettes and other fixed add-ons and can be quickly deployed. From design, quality controlled factory floor to your door, Karmod has the ability to meet your time and budget constraints and accurately present project specifications for your Portable lunchrooms building needs.


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