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Modular Laboratory Solutions for the Medical Industry

The prefabricated laboratory produced by Karmod is designed and manufactured with high-quality galvanized steel, highly insulated modular panels. Prefabricated laboratory units are specially produced for the toughest industrial environments. It is coated with a highly scratch resistant paint and is highly resistant to other hazards often found in other industries with harsh weather conditions.

Our production experience, engineering and planning of prefabricated laboratory units make the difference. Karmod is a bespoke manufacturing company with the technology and experience to complement light steel buildings and modular prefabricated laboratory units.

Our Modular Laboratory Applications: Hospital, Medical, Government sector, Military, Petrochemical. Karmod designs wet laboratory units and all kinds of quality controlled prefabricated laboratories. Our expertise in air handling design ensures accurate control of temperature, humidity and air quality even in extremely dusty environments. Our solid steel construction design is strong enough to be at the center of the action in the factory. As a bonus, our acoustic walls shield workers from outside noise.

Here at Karmod, we understand the hurdles medical organizations face when considering expansion and new prefabricated laboratory facilities. Tight budgets, limited space and time are always essential. That's why our prefabricated medical buildings and modular laboratory units offer a solution tailored to your structural requirements. Whether you're looking for an additional medical examination room, an advanced research prefab laboratory, or a purpose-built treatment centre, we can deliver.

Prefabricated laboratory units resistant to the toughest conditions

Even if our quality control prefabricated laboratory is located in a very dusty, noisy and hot environment, Karmod prefabricated laboratories ensure that the indoor environment is precisely controlled in terms of air quality, temperature, humidity and many more. The insulated panels that go into the design of our modular laboratories are very robust and can be designed to withstand the specific elements of the environment in which they will operate. This customization includes, but is not limited to, 35 to 55+ decibels of acoustic soundproofing, an anti-vibration system, and resistance to certain chemicals if needed.

Our modular laboratory units offer great solutions when clean rooms, clinics and other medical buildings, hospitals and medical facilities have limited usable workspace and expansion is not possible. Organizations in the medical industry often face difficult situations with prefabricated laboratory units that require a unique solution. One particular scenario that often proves to be problematic is the need for space and modular building expansions or even new facilities when major upgrades are required for growth.

Modular Laboratory units for Quality Control

Even when you have advanced requirements, Karmod permanent and relocatable modular laboratory units, clean, controlled and germ-free prefabricated laboratory units in the fields of medicine, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, environmental sciences, energy, oil and petroleum, mining, agriculture will meet your design needs. , marine science and other industries.

Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, Karmod is a leading commercial modular building constructor specialized from design to occupancy rate to meet the needs of hospitals and medical facilities, laboratory units, educational institutions, businesses, industry, military and government.

Our pre-engineered modular buildings and structures offer modular space solutions for prefabricated laboratory units in the public and private sectors that require research laboratories, clean rooms, test and analysis laboratories, product and food safety laboratories, digital imaging facilities, and other applications. These well-insulated modular buildings feature air filtration systems essential for both safety and security, including fume hoods with efficient controls to cope with fluctuating temperatures and pressure, as well as materials for high-end prefabricated laboratory units that can withstand water and tightly sealed floors, walls. . and ceilings that provide the appropriate level of control, comfort and energy efficiency.


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