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Quality prefabricated houses at affordable prices in Turkey

A Karmod is perhaps the most recognized and preferred Turkish brand of luxury prefabricated house brands in the world, due to its unique design and steel frame since 1986. One of the biggest advantages of prefab homes and affordable social housing is that they offer great flexibility, with properties being built off-site and then installed within a few days, often according to the owner's requirements (for example, buyers may decide to divide the space). like three small bedrooms or a nursery instead of two large bedrooms). The disadvantage of normal reinforced concrete houses in Turkey and the World is that they are expensive, but the potential cost and time savings of a prefab house will help keep those bills a little low. The home you're going to build, a stunning modern prefab home, may differ from neighboring homes, but planners can look at the design situation positively. It would be wise to find a local planner to talk to and give direction to your council's thinking. That's why our architects and engineers who draw prefabricated house projects in Turkey will help you.

Build the perfect modular home - projects from 180 USD/m²

Prefabricated houses built by the Turkish company of the same name in the world and in Turkey can be built in a few days (excluding interior equipment) - but only by our own team. Prefabricated houses take about a week to be installed in Turkey and can range from 180 USD per square meter to 280 USD per square meter. Starting prices include plumbing and wiring, bathroom plumbing, fixtures, and exterior and interior paint of the prefab house, not including a basic entry-level package of some specialty materials

Karmod Turkey is another option for those looking to design a luxury prefab house, at least because of the speed of construction – usually within three or four days. (However, the interior may take a few more months to complete.) Prefabricated Modular Homes are built at Karmod's 31,000 square meter factory in Turkey before being shipped to the site. Wherever possible, Karmod Company uses 100 percent natural materials such as sandwich panel insulation.

Sustainable Steel Framed Modular Houses in Turkey

Karmod Modular Steel Houses offers a wide range of premium modular houses and fabricated steel houses in Turkey. Karmod Modular Steel Houses have a low-pressure, stress-free environment to help you design a customized floor plan to suit your lifestyle. When you are ready to discover your dream modular steel house in Turkey, we are here to make your dream come true.

This can be quite a large number for a large prefabricated family home, but an important factor of modular homes is their luxurious image and high demand around the world. Optional large glass panes are the dominant feature in prefab homes and mean that the property is filled with light and has a modern feel. The design of the Modular Home also means that ongoing costs are kept low as the highly insulated one keeps the heat in in the winter and the exterior overhangs keep the sun out in the summer. A slab or basement must already have foundation concrete built for construction to begin on a Karmod.

You will love this house, which is environmentally and budget friendly, fascinated with its stylish design…

Aiming to produce high quality and comfortable living spaces, Karmod carries out construction projects that you can use for years with its prefabricated houses. This prefabricated house, which is just one of those houses, is one of the best choices you can make for your family with its single-storey structure and useful living space.

Single-storey prefabricated structures are useful as well as provide the highest level of control in terms of safety in possible bad situations such as earthquakes. All kinds of insulation can be applied and they are suitable for all seasonal conditions like other reinforced concrete structures. Produced with years of experience, you can safely use Karmod prefabricated houses with your family, and save beautiful memories you will remember years later.


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