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Maximum quality for prefab houses in Nigeria

For over 36 years Karmod Nigeria we have designed and built high quality modern prefab homes for thousands of self builders just like you. We know how important it is for a prefab house to fit the lifestyle of the people living there. Designing and building your own prefab house in Nigeria is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As a unique experience, it should be memorable for all the right reasons. If you want to realize the turnkey prefabricated house of your dreams on time and within budget, you need absolute trust in the whole team working to make your vision a reality; a trust that can only grow in Nigeria through full transparency of prefabricated building costs and respect for budget and planning constraints specific to your project.

The Nigeria's Leading Manufacturer - Dream It Up And We'll Build It

Looking for show prefab homes near you? In the overview you will find all Karmod showroom prefab houses in Africa and Nigeria - well worth a visit! The very special atmosphere created by the steel construction can only be felt with the personal experience of a Karmod prefabricated house. You'll already find some visual delights and incentives on the homepage and in our brochures, but there's no substitute for a personal visit. A Karmod prefab house wants to be explored and discovered with all its senses.

If you would like to see various show prefab homes, we recommend you visit the show house center Showroom in Abuja, Nigeria. Karmod Showroom is located directly in the company building and features a private show house whose individual design and floor plan emphasize the flexibility and design possibilities of prefabricated house architecture. We are happy to help you organize your trip!

Of course, you can view all show houses online - information about the respective prefab houses, Nigeria Abuja Showroom contact details and your personal contact person can be found on our sales offices microsites.

Build Your Perfect Prefab Home in Nigeria

We are a phone call away. Seize the opportunity and make an appointment for a non-binding consultation. It is worth making an appointment as it will allow ample time for your visit and questions.

Plan your perfect day with us at Karmod Nigeria Village, the show house park in Abuja! We invite you to discover the fascinating and unique ambiance of the innovative, high-quality steel-constructed post and beam architecture of Karmod prefabricated houses.

There are many reasons to visit Karmod Showroom in Nigeria. Whether it's an inspiring variety of steel frame house architecture with smart technology, a high-quality range of flooring center, or an interesting look at our high-tech production.

The model modular house offers you the impressions of the special atmosphere of Karmod prefabricated house architecture in the center of Nijar, and fascinates you with its "light art of nature" that gives a different look to every room in every season and every hour.

An İdeal Choice For Holiday And Mountain Houses

Karmod, which has signed over 500 construction projects from Turkey to Asia, from Africa to America, from the Middle East to Europe, is also the leader of the sector with its prefabricated houses. 51 m2 single storey prefabricated house designed and produced by Karmod engineers and architects is an ideal choice for holiday and mountain houses. It is very useful with its large bedroom, living room and bathroom. It is also affordable with its low cost. You don't have to wait months and spend tons of budget for a proper and useful house of holiday or mountain.

With its modular structure, it is delivered to you in a shorter time compared to reinforced concrete houses and you can use it safely for many years with its solid structure.


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