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Versatile Prefab Homes for Your Various Needs in Lebanon

Karmod Prefab Building was established in 1986 in Istanbul, Turkey to promote ecological life. He realized more than 250 prefabricated home projects in Lebanon, from small prefabricated houses to large steel houses. While transforming the prefabricated building system, we have revolutionized the prefabricated homes in Lebanon while maintaining its character. Our brand speaks for itself by the Lebanese people with our experience and knowledge. We have 36 years of experience in power supply in the Modular Building Industry.

We have designed to offer Prefab homes Worldwide and in Lebanon.Our prefab steel houses are factory produced as modular units that allow us to pack and ship anywhere in the World where the prefab house will be installed. Our prefabricated houses are designed to be installed on site with only hand tools and without the need for skilled labor. We can load and ship a 90 square meter Prefab house individually into approximately 40 HC containers as a stand-alone demounted unit, which minimizes the total shipping cost of 40 HC containers per unit house. The off-site prefab house helps to reduce construction, time and overall site costs.

Modular steel houses in Lebanon - High quality and Low prices

Benefit from the high speed of prefabricated steel house and modular construction without sacrificing its appearance in Lebanon. Our modular homes and container house products are certified to meet high quality, insulated, health, safety and environmental requirements according to the European Norm.

We build your dream prefabricated steel house from scratch in "Karmod Lebanon" and hand over the keys to your spouse. Whether you are building a foundation or designing a customized kitchen, we offer all the prefab home services needed to install all the plumbing, ensuring your comfort and confidence.

Our prefabricated steel homes in Lebanon are a world of comfort, warmth and serenity, A world of luxury, beauty and imagination, A prefabricated steel house built with love and dreams, not just walls and galvanized steel beams. Open your eyes now for life in a new, healthy and ecological prefab house…

World's cheapest houses for sale in Lebanon

Get quality and best insulated prefab houses in Lebanon: If you wish, the outer coatings of your prefabricated houses, jointed stone coating and red metal roof tiles, offer the highest possible insulation and allow you to control your cold and temperature with high energy savings. The structure of your prefabricated house is made with the strongest and most durable building material in the Lebanese market. In constructions, the huge weight of concrete is fixed to the ground and prevents any movement due to the forces of nature. Prefabricated houses and steel houses will withstand harsh conditions such as snow and hurricanes, like reinforced concrete houses, and will have an average lifespan of 60 years.

God built the world in six days. As Karmod, we can only build your prefabricated house in three days. While transforming the prefabricated building system, we have revolutionized the Lebanese prefabricated modular house while keeping its character. Benefit from the high speed of prefab house and modular construction without sacrificing its appearance. You can customize your prefab house design according to your needs, but here are some ready-made models that will inspire you, check out our website.

Build your family's legacy with Modular home in Lebanon.

Our innovative prefab modular building construction allows you to grow the modular home with the family. Expand your home with additional prefab panels when your grandchildren grow up. Become a part of the Prefab Village. Your prefabricated modular home will be the symbol of your village, with bold arch windows spreading across the façade, hand-cut natural stone for the walls of your house, and beautiful curved red metal roof tiles. La Karmod Lebanon” makes your wishes come true in modular homes, It gives you a place you can call home and the modular house you always wanted. Be it summer steel houses, detached houses with a garden or a recreation room house. “La karmod Lebanon” can provide you the best original prefab steel houses for all your needs. “La Karmod Lebanon” is the first Turkish company to manufacture and on-site European origin prefabricated steel houses in Lebanon since 1986.


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