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High Quality Low Cost Prefab Homes in Kenya

Karmod Afrika is one of the best prefab house / modular building contractors in Kenya. social housing, health hospital buildings, oil and gas camp buildings, office buildings, education school buildings, prefabricated modular buildings. Karmod Prefabrik Kenya was established in 1986 as a provider of affordable social housing and prefabricated building solutions using alternative building technology.

Karmod Prefabrik Kenya is licensed company in Turkey. Karmod Prefabricated Housing Kenya strives to contribute to alleviating the lack of soyla housing in Kenya through fast delivery of modular homes and buildings. We aim to support the construction of houses, school classrooms and health dispensaries amongst other prefabricated and building structures by intervening by delivering high quality and affordable modular buildings, especially in key areas such as mass housing, educational buildings and healthcare facilities.

Cheap prefab houses for sale in Nairobi, Kenya

Prefab houses in Kanya are a cheaper alternative to build a house, we all know that the house value is 45 to 50 percent lower than a traditional reinforced concrete and stone house. These houses are widely accepted in the countries of the World that use the concept of prefabricated houses, in the USA and in the most developed countries such as England, France, Germany, Spain, Australia and Canada among others. However, the popularity of prefabricated houses in Kenya is affordable and fast production is the biggest factor, in addition to minimal understanding of the prefab house construction process, local people are used to traditional reinforced concrete and stone structures, so this technology is affordable and fast to be built and highly insulated. There is a lot of demand for prefabricated houses

Prefabricated houses are accepted in all countries in the world. This prefabricated house is the best way to increase the popularity of the concept. Prefabricated houses, which are a cheaper and economical alternative to owning a house in Kenya, are the biggest user references.

Affordable housing project implemented in Kenya

Due to the time, money and manpower spent on permanent construction, many people cannot afford a comfortable home. With the emergence of light steel prefabricated houses, it can largely meet the housing needs of a considerable number of people from the prefabricated house, which makes our modern prefabricated houses more and more popular in Kenya.

We went deep into the African market to understand the living habits and characteristics of the indigenous people. In the design of Prefab Homes in Kenya, we not only followed the fashion for beauty and aesthetics, but also integrated practicality into the design of prefab homes. We can enable Kenyan People to live in comfortable, cheap and well-made affordable housing.

Thanks to our R&D team, which, as Karmod, spends a lot of energy on prefabricated house design, all parts of modular houses and residences are now connected with galvanized bolts and there is no need for other assembly methods that require special skills. This makes it easy for every ordinary person to build his own prefab house, and it can not only be built, but also assembled very quickly.

We have built Low Cost Housing Project in 130 countries

Karmod reduces prefabricated house construction costs with new technology: Building materials used in the construction of prefabricated houses in Kenya have the potential to reduce construction costs by up to 50 percent compared to Kenya.

Because the prefabricated building materials we use are produced in industries, manufacturers tend to purchase materials in large quantities, minimizing costs. The reduced development cost means developers can achieve relatively affordable unit prices compared to traditional concrete and stone houses.

Reduced construction time for Prefab houses in Kenya: Construction time is significantly reduced as Insulated Panels are made in a factory and then installed at designated locations. Installation time largely depends on the size and design of the prefab house. In addition, the preparation of the building sandwich panels and the construction site (excavation of the foundation) can be done simultaneously.

Preabric homes Flexibility in design: There is a wide variety of social housing plans that can be selected and customized depending on the tastes and preferences of the potential home owner. Based on local reinforced concrete building codes, it is possible to modify a plan to suit construction specifications,

High quality houses in Kenya: Prefab steel houses are made with Expanded Polystyrene Panels (EPS), materials and construction plans need to be approved by the relevant authorities before starting construction and are also subject to frequent inspections to guarantee the quality of the homes built and,

Environmentally friendly buildings: Less materials are used in the construction of modular prefabricated houses compared to traditional reinforced concrete stone houses. The technology also has less waste, less negative impact on the environment and is affordable.


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