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Top Quality and Cheap Homes for Sale in Botswana

We are exporting prefabricated modular structures to 132 countries with our production life in Istanbul, Turkey, which started in 1986 at Karmod. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with custom-designed Fibercement prefab steel houses and modular structures to meet every unique style and best value available to reflect your lifestyle.

We offer modular portable building and prefabricated steel house solutions in bostwana that meet your needs. At Karmod, we provide quality modular buildings that meet your requirements. Our modular and portable prefabricated houses and buildings offer the ideal solution for a wide variety of applications.

Past projects that we have completed and delivered for our Clients in Botswana include mobile units, Health Facilities, Hospital clinics, Work home sales offices, Education buildings, Schools, Classrooms, Accommodation, Student dormitories and restaurant and dining units. Have a browser in our image project gallery to see our case studies.

All of our steel construction buildings are custom designed and precision built to be robust, attractive and extremely versatile. Our modular prefabricated Buildings can be purchased at an affordable price

Premium Modular Home Construction for Botswana

For temperate climates such as Botswana, we recommend using two main prefabricated building methods. Steel Prefabricated Houses or Modular Prefabricated Cement Fibercement Panel System Houses. These affordable prefab methods provide quality and durable prefab steel homes. For more details, read the articles under our Prefab house menu.

Karmod is a developing company in the Prefabricated and Steel Structure Industry and we are dedicated to providing services to 100% customer satisfaction; development, research, implementation and delivery of quality Prefabricated modular Buildings and Prefabricated Steel Construction Structures.

As Karmod Prefabrik Yapı, we are proud of a hardworking team that works in a beneficial working environment and attaches importance to quality production. Karmod, Botswana is a company that makes projects throughout the country and produces quality houses owned by its people.

Best quality Affordable Prefab Homes in Botswana

In Botswana, we produce high-end and affordable structures using high-quality steel construction structures. Prefabricated social housing houses, Prefabricated Classrooms and Classrooms, Prefabricated Office Buildings, Prefabricated Containers for Sale, Prefabricated Security Guard Houses, Portable Toilet units, Portable Cabins, Steel Construction Structure Warehouses

Most Affordable Containers for Sale in Botswana

Containers for sale in Botswana, Our commitment to providing high quality services and products has attracted customers such as government, private sector and individuals. This is thanks to a great team of professional technicians and consultants for containers we manufacture premium materials. Our team provides our customers with effective and long-lasting container house solutions. We assist in projecting, Manufacturing, Construction and Assembly in container houses.

Affordable Social Housing Project in Botswana

With the right to adequate housing in Botswana and the severe housing shortage after population growth in other developing regions, there is a huge demand for our prefab homes. prefabricated steel houses are the perfect solution to the housing crisis as they provide an economical, durable and quick solution.

Every family in Botswana and around the World wants a place they can call their prefab home. We have tailored our floor plans to meet every dream home design - our prefab homes in Botswana and the World offer solutions for all budgets.

Building affordable homes for Millions of people in Botswana is our main goal. Botswana's population continues to grow and traditional construction methods are costly and can no longer keep up. In most African and Botswana cities, affordable affordable housing is not available for the urban poor – around 20% of the world and Botswana population live in slums and while housing demands are only increasing, Karmod prefab home technologies allow developers and governments to rapidly build housing complexes. Prefab homes and affordable social housing create affordable housing solutions and a significant number of jobs for the local population.


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