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Environmentally Friendly With Its Structure And Budget-Friendly With Its Affordable Prices

Prefabricated houses produced by Karmod, which produces modular buildings to dozens of countries of the world, is environmentally friendly with its structure and budget-friendly with its affordable prices. As in the reinforced concrete structure, heat and sound insulation can be made. They can be as strong and durable as a reinforced concrete structure. They are produced in a very short time and delivered to you on a turnkey basis. They can be transported by lorry, truck, ship, train or cargo planes, they can be reassembled to a different place at any time.

This spacious prefabricated house, which is just one of those prefabricated houses, gives you the opportunity to have an environmentally friendly structure intertwined with nature and you do not have to allocate tons of budget for this. Your home is designed and produced by Karmod expert teams according to your wishes and installation is provided to anywhere you want with those expert teams.


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