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Innovative, Fast and Flexible Prefabricated Hospitals

Karmod, we provide the necessary infrastructures to offer high quality prefabricated hospital buildings worldwide in suitable conditions. Since 1986 Karmod has provided a proven and cost-effective solution for fully purpose-built prefabricated hospital buildings; We help our customers save time and money without sacrificing quality or performance. We can complete your prefabricated hospital construction project in record time, at the highest quality and at the most competitive cost in the market.

Our simplified prefabricated hospital system meets medical needs through highly qualified medical centers. It is designed to provide professional prefabricated hospital building production all over the world. The prefabricated hospital concept produced by Karmod was created to offer a humane solution in the field. It consists of prefabricated hospital modules made of high insulated quality materials, designed to be resistant to any climate and to adapt to any terrain.

The insulated materials of prefabricated hospital buildings are lightweight and resistant to chemicals normally used in medical activities. Prefabricated hospital assembly is simple and can be done independently using a construction manual and under Karmod's supervision, after team leaders have received the necessary training by Karmod.

The solution offered by Karmod is the design and supply of a prefabricated hospital building for the health infrastructures of Modular hospitals to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. The presented system combines the modules of the prefabricated hospital, increasing the possibility of tailoring each hospital to the specific needs in each case.

Worldwide Prefabricated Hospital Manufacturer

We are experts in the production and design of prefabricated hospital buildings that can offer effective solutions for the selected location. We can even build modular hospitals or prefabricated clinics on multiple floors. We have built prefabricated hospitals in more than 130 countries around the world. Our insulated panels and modules are manufactured in Istanbul, Turkey, and the high quality of our materials guarantees a long service life.

At Karmod, we design and commission your prefabricated hospital from scratch. This means you can choose from our ready-to-use modular hospital solutions or design a custom infrastructure based on your requirements and needs. The prefabricated hospital construction project is completely managed by Karmod architects, engineers and staff and starts with the construction of the concrete floor platform at the desired location. Our staff then coordinate the installation of all prefabricated hospital building components while simultaneously training local staff on the follow-up maintenance of the facility.

Our experience ranges from the construction of prefabricated hospitals in rural areas, to improving healthcare where access is difficult or where remote healthcare is available, to the creation of modular field hospitals in emergencies. Prefabricated hospital construction: Our company has specialists in all necessary fields, and they are engaged in plumbing, electrical, plumbing, etc. We can offer the equipment. We take care of the entire design and implementation process to give you the best prefabricated hospital construction guarantee on time.

The Future of Healthcare Buildings is in Prefabricated Hospitals

Karmod Healthcare providers are faced with the ever-growing challenge of providing adequate facilities to properly accommodate and care for patients in Prefab hospital environments. Now more than ever, prefabricated hospitals in the world need fast and flexible solutions to expand their facilities and ward capacities.

Using the modern prefabricated hospital construction method, our expert team constructs the modular healthcare units off-site, including the interior equipment, before they are placed on-site and finished on-site. This allows for a speed of construction that cannot be achieved with traditional prefabricated hospital construction methods. While speed is important, it is not the only reason to choose modular construction for your hospital, it can also help you save management time, deliver financial benefits and make the most of space possible.

Compared to traditional construction, highly prefabricated hospital buildings offer the most versatile and cost-effective construction solution for modular buildings, hospitals and the wider healthcare industry, with the added benefits of short lead times, minimal disruption to daily operations, and virtually unlimited design possibilities.

As healthcare infrastructure is overwhelming and modular hospitals around the world are reaching their capacity, alternative possibilities are emerging. In response to the shortage of beds and the saturation of facilities, architects around the world are taking action in the ongoing fight against the coronavirus.

We propose flexible, fast-assembled, modular hospital structures, focusing on finding fast and efficient design solutions.


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