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Build Prefabricated Restaurants for 60% Less Cost

The modular building construction produced by Karmod is gradually increasing its popularity for use as a modular restaurant, thanks to its lower cost and surprising prefabricated restaurant building design possibilities. Modular prefab restaurant buildings are both versatile and reliable. Your building can have a myriad of designs and be built in a fraction of the time required for traditional prefab restaurant construction.

We are the Leader in Steel Prefab Restaurant Building Solutions

Karmod Modular Building Solutions is the leading manufacturer of modular roadside shops and drive-thru mobile prefab restaurants you see in most countries around the World. We work with some of the biggest brands in the world by providing specialist workplaces and providing quick solutions without sacrificing quality. Our factory manufacturing process and turnkey solutions mean that fully equipped modular shops and prefab restaurants built off-site can be completed on-site in a matter of days. We are with you to facilitate your project by offering the most suitable prefabricated restaurant building solution for your needs. If you are ready to discuss your prefab restaurant building solution, please get in touch now.

Faster and Better Quality Prefabricated Restaurants

Designing and building aesthetic prefab restaurants for your organization costs a lot less than you might think. A modular prefab restaurant serves as an economical and effective solution for those looking for permanent, long-term or temporary facilities. Prefabricated restaurant buildings can exist as complete buildings on their own, or they can function as partitions or additions to existing permanent structures. The latter is often seen in manufacturing plants and industrial warehouses.

Robust, Modern and Easy to Install Steel Prefab Restaurant

Prefabricated restaurant buildings made of modular buildings offer you tons of advantages. Modern methods used by modular restaurant builders increase construction speeds by up to 60%. Also because modular restaurant buildings are built in tightly controlled environments that ensure consistent quality. Modular prefab restaurant builders can produce quality that is often difficult to achieve in the field. With so many standard restaurant designs, builders can count on fewer sample delays and continue planning with great accuracy. Building your organizations prefab restaurant can take half the traditional construction time. On site, we can assemble the prefab restaurant building with a crane and place it on the permanent foundation of the restaurant.

Best Prefabricated Steel Restaurant and Retail Kiosk Design

Modular Retail kiosks and prefab restaurant construction projects have specific requirements that the contractor must thoroughly understand in order to be successful. The most critical is timing. Retail owners often have moving dates adjusted to seasonal markets, and missing one can be a costly problem for everyone involved. That's why business owners and franchisees nationwide choose Karmod Buildings to create inviting, cost-effective and energy efficient retail kiosk stores, modular malls and prefab restaurants.

With exterior steel prefab restaurant buildings and retail kiosks, our pre-engineered post frame can be easily customized with energy efficient insulation, windows, glass doors, ceiling lighting, suspended ceilings, entryways and other accessories. Our open floor plans allow you to make the best use of the space of your steel prefab restaurant building for your business, while clear span trusses provide less construction time without sacrificing quality. And with the variety of exterior and interior options available, you can choose the style you want inside and out. Plus, our prefabricated steel restaurant buildings are virtually maintenance-free, allowing you to focus on growing your company, not maintaining your building.

We have experience in a wide range of retail construction and steel prefab restaurant construction projects:

Full-service prefabricated restaurants, Quick-service prefabricated restaurants, Farmers' markets, Fast-comfort prefab restaurants, Retail stores, Modular shopping malls

What are the Benefits of Steel Prefabricated Restaurant Building?

The benefits of this type of construction for restaurants include:

Prefab restaurant building fast – Modular buildings can be completed in half the time. Foundations and other on-site work can be carried out simultaneously, while modules are built in a factory that eliminates air delays for restaurants.

Prefab restaurant building safe – Working in a controlled environment allows contractors to work in optimum, controlled and safe working conditions. Additionally, materials are stored indoors, limiting theft that occurs in urban and rural environments.

Prefab restaurant building costs are low - Due to the nature of construction, typical projects can save up to 50% on construction costs.

Less prefab restaurant building waste – Modular prefab construction uses less materials and the materials they use are generally environmentally friendly. In fact, this type of construction is leading the market in the use of recycled materials.


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