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Prefab patient room could enable faster hospital construction

Karmod Company has been producing prefabricated patient rooms and health buildings for more than 36 years. Our manufacturing solutions range from headwalls to booms and complete modular patient room collections. Modular hospital buildings of all types, with thousands of installations of all acuity levels, we specialize in helping you build prefab patient rooms on your way to the perfect patient space! Our prefabricated hospital units are produced in high quality with high building safety in mind. At Karmod, we take into account intensive use as well as ergonomic patient room design and hygiene structures.

Thanks to our expert design team, prefabricated hospital buildings, which are designed and manufactured according to international standards, can have sections such as management offices, patient intensive care units, modular doctor rooms and laboratories, test areas, modular patient rooms, operating rooms, in-room bathrooms and toilets and shower units. .

World's best quality Insulated Emergency Modular Patient Rooms

Karmod, which has been producing high quality modular and prefabricated patient rooms for more than 36 years, offers economical solutions for all your modular patient room needs. Karmod. offers a variety of prefab patient room components designs to fit any budget, build and design. With the wide and diverse range of cost-effective clean prefab patient room components and products available on the market, our team will design a prefabricated modular patient room to your specific industry needs, using the latest materials and components from a single source.

Karmod is a company specializing in the planning, design and execution of healthcare and related prefabricated patient room delivery projects globally - specifically focused on delivering fully integrated prefabricated modular hospital buildings and mobile container field hospitals. Karmod has successfully completed custom-made prefabricated patient room projects for the private sector and international government. Today, Karmod is the leading innovator in integrated, deployable solutions, offering systems with a proven track record of reliability and performance in a comprehensive range of Prefab Portable Surgical Field Hospitals, Modular Portable Rapid Support Hospitals and Prefab Portable Medical Clinics and Shelter solutions and systems. various applications and environmental conditions.

Health sector leaders Karmod, Prefabricated Patient Room

Welcome prefab patient rooms provide an environment that considers the basic needs of friends and family members and helps them partner with clinicians. Karmod is an experienced modular hospital building manufacturer. We can help you find a designer to create architectural drawings for your Prefab Hospital and advise on prefab patient room and site preparation and logistics for shipping, delivery and installation. These details will vary depending on your location and your modular hospital design.

Our estimates of timelines for the construction of your prefab hospital building or other patient room and healthcare facility are much more reliable than traditional construction - because there are no weather delays at the factory! We have been on time 100% since our inception and are proud to surpass the lead times of everyone else in the industry. If you are considering a modular patient room for your Prefab Hospital building project, contact Karmod experts today. We can talk about your needs and answer any questions you may have.


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