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Buy Prefabricated Office Buildings - Affordable, Flexible and Mobile

Are you looking for a flexible modular solution for your Office Space requirements? We have the right prefabricated office buildings for you! Our permanent or temporary portable office buildings create the perfect individual space solution to suit your needs. Karmod has been your expert in prefabricated office buildings, modular structures and mobile space solutions for more than 36 years!

Prefabricated office buildings cover different application areas and are created by combining separate prefabricated modules. These can be expanded and adapted at any time, thus providing a customized and flexible office building solution for every need! Our modular office buildings offer you ideal solutions for your temporary or permanent space requirements.

From the prefab office planning stage to the execution of the project - we provide support in your native language and on site! Fast office room repairs can also be guaranteed, thanks to the long-term availability of spare parts and the tried-and-tested modular panel structure. Spare parts are available in our warehouses in Turkey and across Europe and repairs are only carried out by certified assembly partners.

Our prefab office buildings: The perfect solution for every sector

If you are looking for a suitable prefabricated office building solution for construction site office accommodation, office expansion of the administration building, office sales room or much more - Karmod has it! For more than 36 years, our Prefabricated office buildings offer you and every industry the perfect office space solution: construction, industries that use our office buildings, industry, commerce, the municipal sector and consulting offices for events or institutions such as emergency and disaster relief

Expanding, relocated or restructured, Karmod's modular prefabricated office gives you flexibility to adapt, survive and thrive.

Whether you need a completely new prefabricated office accommodation building or are expanding your existing office facilities, a modular solution from Karmod is the answer you are looking for.

Modular prefabricated office buildings are faster to build and much more cost-effective than traditional construction, giving you a better return on your investment. When relocation is required, Karmod prefabricated office buildings can be disassembled, moved and reconnected at the new location, so you preserve the value of the prefabricated office building wherever your business needs take you. Karmod Buildings can create the ideal modular office environment for you and your staff.

Best Prefab Sales Office Buildings for sale

From portable prefabricated offices to modular buildings, it is factory built and designed to provide high quality temporary or permanent prefabricated office and accommodation building for any industry in Turkey and anywhere in the World.

Since prefabricated office buildings are designed and produced off-site, portable offices can install prefabricated buildings quickly, efficiently and with minimum interruption or notice. This makes prefabricated office buildings a fast, fantastic, cost-effective alternative to traditional, permanent structures. They can also be designed for a variety of purposes and are usually ready for immediate use after minimal setup time on your site.

Prefab office buildings give you adaptable space and can grow as big as your company. Portable prefab offices design a professional office space to suit your exact needs, including interior design such as flooring and fixing options, and exterior options such as cladding or cladding to blend in with your surroundings.

Portable prefabricated offices offer both refurbished prefabricated office buildings and new prefabricated office buildings that include a design and build service, or both. How can we refine your requirements and suggest the best approach to your prefab office space needs and requirements.


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